Thursday, April 12, 2012

Surrounded by Burros :)

Welcome to our new Followers:

BarbZee doesn't have a blog listed, but she is following a lot of RV blogs, so she is either an RVer, or might be thinking about it???  Welcome, BarbZee!

Miss Lazee - according to her profile, she and her husband (The Princess and The Cowboy) have been spending summers in Ontario with family & friends and winters in the southwestern states.  The Cowboy has been dealing with serious health issues; they will be returning home soon, depending on how things go.  I've enjoyed reading your posts and have more to catch up on!  My best wishes to you both.

Dr. Kold_Kadavr_faltliner, M.D., who has many blogs, but they don't seem to have an RV theme. Welcome, Dr.!

Welcome aboard to you all, Katie and I are very happy you're following along with us. :)

WINDY, WINDY, WINDY!  This is the kind of weather where I lay in bed at night, hoping I set the emergency brake so I don't end up being blown over the cliff!  Literally!  Yesterday morning I repositioned The Palms so we are now facing the wind with our hood.  Tuesday night it was super windy, too, but we were being broadsided, and last night was better.  It was really blowing again this morning, and there's a weather alert for tomorrow's winds.

Today I had to drive to Yuma to get some signatures notarized.  But... They are ESCROW DOCUMENTS - YAAAAAY!  My condo has sold, and the buyer wants to close by next Friday.  It looks like this offer will go all the way to closing escrow so, although I'm still crossing my fingers, I'm really hopeful.  I needed to get the docs notarized and sent back to the escrow company overnight mail.  They have a week to complete the rest of the transaction.  I'll sure be glad to get this done!

I haven't seen much of my burros, just a couple of distant sightings the last few days, and some braying during the evenings after dark.

Then early this morning as the sun was coming up, I was awakened by a car revving it's motor over and over again - I think it was stuck in the sand by the road - and I looked out  my loft window right down into the face of a burro.  They were coming up the hill and toward The Palms.  It was nice to see them up close again.  They hung around for a while, rested, pooped  all over - to the right, front and left of The Palms (Katie had some new smells on our walks today!), and then sauntered on across the road and over the hill, and they were gone.

I'm leaving Sunday, the final final day for the Long Term Visitor Permit, and I'm so glad I got to see them again before we leave.

Here are some photos from this morning. The first one is so funny.  I loved the face on the closest burro - so funny, look at those eyes:

 First burro:  How do you get this stuff out???
Second burro:  Oh, oh, she caught us!

 This is a baby jack.

Another beautiful baby - I don't know what gender it is.

This is a different group of burros than the two families that came by last time.  There are seven in this group, and six in the other one.  Since I got to see the two families for so long last week, I got to know them better, and these guys are definitely a different group.

 Babies playing.

They walked around and nuzzled each other, looked for food in the fire pits, munched some of the bushes and then surrounded The Palms and just stood there for a while.  We now have burro poop all over the place!  The last times burros were here, none of them pooped.  Just being polite, I guess, and now they feel more at home?

This one was on the couch side by himself.
These three were in front.

 And these three were outside the dinette window.

 A little nuzzle.

 This group is such a pretty color.  I suppose they could be a family.

 They seem to be such scavengers - the burros always check out the fire pits.

More fire pit munching.

My son Tom sent me some Easter photos.  Here are a couple:

 Tom with Kennedy, Gavin, and Graydin

This is Graydin - Where, oh where, can that Easter Egg be?

I just clicked on the photo above for a good close-up, and noticed the green ribbon in his hair.  He's such a little cutie!  He'll be three this month.

When we went to town we shopped all day again. I have to stop doing that, it's exhausting!  My joints hurt from so much walking, etc.  I stopped at PetCo and got Katie's nails clipped and bought a big bag of food that will last her a while, we went to the Notary Public in an insurance office, then to two post offices (the one in Arizona couldn't get the documents to the title company tomorrow, so we drove to Winterhaven, CA and they promised next day delivery by noon.  

Then a gas station, then Walmart, a Dairy Queen for 3 small hot fudge sundaes for the freezer, a shoe store for Crocs (they didn't have the right color), then back to the gas station for propane (couldn't get them to wait on me the first time), SPCA for Katie's Rabies shot (wrong one, we needed to be at the Spay/Neuter Clinic across town, by that time they were closing and we couldn't make it across town in time).  I think that's all.  I'm going to lay down and read for a while.  Katie is already asleep - I don't know why she is so tired, but she always sleeps a lot after we've been out shopping!

From Me and Katie, have a great Thursday night, everyone!  :)


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and hope that your sale goes through without a hitch.

  2. Great news about the sale. That will be a load off your mind. Love all the pictures of the burros. That would be so fun to see. Where are you heading next?

  3. Great pics of the burros. Since you have to leave the LTVA where are you headed? If you ever get to Oregon I would love to meet you two!

  4. Yay! Finally a burden off your shoulders. You'll miss the burros.

  5. OH,,,how cute you should submit that first photo to Birds n Blooms magazine--They publish "funnies" such as that one. Congrats on the Condo Sale.

  6. I absolutely love the burros trying to get the hummers food. Great!

  7. great pics as usual...the two little guys nuzzling almost looks like they are telling secrets they dont want mom to hear.

  8. Sounds like you had a really busy day..and Katie was tired out?;>) I am so glad your condo is sold and the closing is pending. It really frees you up to get on with life, doesn't it? Blessings to you from Wisconsin- xo Diana

  9. I love the Easter pictures of the kids. That little guy is so sweet. Hope he found those eggs.

    I sure hope you Condo is sold now. What a load off your shoulders that will be.

    I sold my RV yesterday and had to get it all emptied out so they can pick it up today.

  10. Great news about your condo sale. If you're like us, it will be a happy day when you get that phone call that you are no longer a property owner.
    Love those burro pics!

  11. Love the burros!! And congrats on your condo sale.

  12. You be careful..don't want you to blow away!! I have learned to really hate wind when we are in the motorhome. Scary!!
    Those are adorable pictures of the donkeys...very large hummingbird, huh???

  13. HaHa! Katie gets tired shopping.. Luci acts that way too! All she does is sleep in the car, i know, cuz i have crept up on her to see what she does :) BUT a visit to a groomer & she is REALLY exhausted, very traumatic, only nails too. congrats on the sale of the condo, great sigh of relief, i bet!! Take Care

  14. Congratulations! The burros came to help you celebrate. Where to next?

  15. Love the pic of the burro trying to eat the hummingbird feeder.

    Fingers crossed until the Condo sale is FINAL FINAL FINAL !

    The grandkids are adorable !!

  16. Congratulations on the sale of your Condo. What a relief!

    It is fun to watch all the wildlife. Angel will sit with me on the steps while I read and watch the butterflies, and hummingbirds, although she did scare a long eared Jackrabbit before I could get a picture.

  17. Congrats on the pending real estate closing. We hope to spend next late winter and spring down near you in 2013.

  18. What a beautiful family you have! Many congrats on your pending condo sale too, I hope all goes through as planned. The burros still amaze me with all their contradictions. There IS a children's book in there somewhere I think. Your pics are so clear and appealing. I bet Katie was pooped just from the whole nail clipping experience. My guys hate it, and I am grateful to have a groomer to do it for me, as I am such a chicken when they wince if I try to do it. Hugs to you and sleeping Katie. (())

  19. First time poster, but I read back through your blog last night all the way to when you first bought the Palms! I fed my RV craving. LOL.

    Good luck with the closing on your condo, as everyone else said, I imagine that will be a hufe weight off your shoulders!

    Lovely family pictures and of course katie is adorable.

    The Burros, what characters!

    Nicole B

  20. We haven't heard from you in a week! I hope all is ok! I miss your posts. I really enjoy reading about your travels.


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