Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Site photos, etc.

WELCOME to our newest follower, Gary!  Gary and his wife and dog have a new 1997 Fleetwood Storm  Model 34S that they purchased in February and named the Sand Castle.   I think they are beach people, which is where they went on their first excursion.  They've made a few mods and seem to be enjoying their new motor home.  Gary is also a pilot, so he's very familiar and comfortable with checklists, which we all use, too.  Check out his blog, it's easy reading, and I enjoyed going back to the beginning.  Thanks for following along with me and Katie, and Welcome Aboard, Gary!  :)

Not really much to report today.   Katie and I are enjoying our stay here at Distant Drums RV Park.  I've taken a few photos of some of the wildlife.  I don't think I'm going to be snapping pics of burros or coyotes here.  Katie and I have been walking a lot more because it's so easy and safe for us to be anywhere in the park.  Of course, there's a lot of interest and entertainment when we have the bigger guys in the area, but for now I'm relaxing and not looking for snakes, burros or coyotes on our walks, and that's nice, too. 

This is our site - each site has either a double patio, a longer one for the rig and a shorter one for the car and patio area, or like mine, a small rock area for the rig to park on and the concrete pad is for the car/patio.  Not having a car, the patio I have is a nice size.

When I came in on Sunday, the park was pretty full, but Monday morning some rigs pulled out, leaving a much more spacious feeling.

 The Palms and an empty site next to us - Monday at dusk.

That large L-shaped concrete pad is the site across from us.  There was a big rig there that pulled out early Monday morning.  As of this morning the three sites across from us were vacant, and we had a very open feeling with no one across from us or on our passenger side.

Each time I've walked down the little road to the laundry/shower/dog park area, this little guy has run from under a rock, across the street, and waited till we passed before moving on.  He's tiny, and very pretty, I think.

 Oriole, Kingbird, or Kingfinch?  I'll try for a closer, clear photo.

Katie with her ball.  I'm re-training her to fetch and return the ball.
She used to love that, but being on the leash for the last year, 
she seems to have forgotten or lost interest in the ball game.

Sunset on Sunday, warm, calm and clear.

Sun in the Western sky with clouds Monday.
The clouds were nice, and we had a nice breeze.  Still pretty warm, though.

The weather is a bit cooler today, but still warm.   The weather forecast is predicting some rain later in the week - that will be a nice change.

From Me and Katie, have a great Tuesday, everyone!  :)


  1. We had our Chapter Rally at that RV park last Halloween and they bent over backwards to make it perfect for us. It will definitely be cooling down by Thursday but that will be short lived and the weather should be perfect for you by this week-end. Enjoy!!

  2. Very nice park,love all the wide spaces. So many places you are crammed in like sardines

  3. I can see why you are so pleased with where you are staying. It's a lovely park.

  4. Thanks for the welcome!

    The park looks great! Mary and I would love all the amenities you have available, that's our kind of place. Of course the wx would be the top priority!

    I like the "space" too, a bit cramped at our beach location but the folks are friendly.

  5. That looks like a very nice park. Enjoy your air conditioning!


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