Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Favorite sunset and moon photos

Here are the almost final "favorite photos," the first and second favorite posts were animals and birds, and this post has my favorite sunset and moon shots.  There were so many that I left a lot of them on the cutting room floor and couldn't fit the rest of the series of favorite photos:  the campsites, campgrounds and miscellaneous shots.  So...  I think I'll do four posts, with the other "other" shots in the fourth one.

I've never seen so many gorgeous, colorful sunsets as I've seen since I've been full-timing.  Here are some of those highlights:

Los Posas LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ - 3/18/12

Bluewater Lake State Park - 6/16/12

Casino Arizona, Scottsdale, AZ - 11/19/11

Sand Hollow State Park, Hurricane, UT - 10/18/11

Hood Park, WA - 9/12/11

Utah Lake, Provo, UT - 10/12/11

Watchman at Zion National Park, UT - 11/5/11

Fern Ridge Shores, Veneta, OR - 7/29/11

Utah Lake, Provo, UT - 10/12/11

Bluewater Lake - 8/9/12

I've had many moonshots that are favorites, too, and here are some of those.

Eclipse of the Moon, Los Posas LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ - 12/10/11

Storrie Lake State Park, NM - Harvest Moon, 9/6/12

Los Posas LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ - 12/12/11

Christmas Moon, Quartzsite, AZ - 12/25/11

Christmas Moon, Quartzsite, AZ - A little cold and shaky - 12/25/11

Quail Hill Campground at Imperial Dam LTVA, CA - 4/7/12

Full moon behind The Palms at Bluewater Lake State Park - 4/7/12

Full moon rising in Utah Lake RV Park, Provo, UT - 10/12/11

Los Posas LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ - Full Moon showing sunspots - 12/8/11

Los Posas LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ- 11/30/11

Lake Pleasant Regional Park, AZ - Saguaro Cactus, The Palms and Moon in daylight - 11/15/11

Hood Park, WA - 9/2011

Tomorrow I'll post the rest of my favorite photos, then we'll be back to current news - we're leaving Bluewater Lake State Park on Friday.  I hate to leave, but it's getting pretty cold at night, you know?

From Me and Katie, have a great day, everyone!  :)


  1. You've certainly seen a lot of gorgeous sunsets! Safe travels.

  2. I'm loving your photo review. I think my favorite sunset is the one at Bluewater Lake. And your moon shots are amazing. Stay warm and travel safe.

  3. Everyone tries to capture those perfect pictures. You have quite a collection of them. They are beautiful. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. My favorites are the two sunsets at Utah Lake in Provo. How come no post on favorite sunrises? :)

  5. Wow! Did you ever think when you were planning this adventure that you would ever see so much? Love the shot of the moon behind the The Palms and thhe "SunSeeker" logo. Just beautiful.

  6. Judy (and Emma) - funny!!!

    I've only seen a couple of sunrises, and seldom had my camera at hand. When I did, the photos weren't that good. :)

  7. The Bluewater Lake and both Utah Lake photos are just beautiful! The Southwest sure puts on a show most evenings with gorgeous sunsets.

  8. Simply gorgeous! The Utah Lake is my favorite. What an amazing shot!

  9. A nice variety of colors for the sunsets. I don't like the cold nights and mornings, either. I've decided to head south as fast as possible and will go to the Camping World in Texas instead of the one near Albuquerque. Camping World has the better automatic awnings (Carefree) on their website, but they do not install them in their shop. The girl in the service department could not explain why. So I guess I will continue to wait on getting a new awning.

  10. You do take some great shots Barbara. Always enjoy looking at your pictures

  11. Now that we are home I hope to get some Harvest Moon photos, if it is not too late. Hard to get the moon in a forest full of tall trees. :) Great pictures, I love the one with the moon above your home.

  12. those trees in Provo were great, well all photos are great, but those are special!!!

  13. Lovely photos! I especially love the different cloud formations.


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