Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Final 200,000 Page View Favorites

If you are really tired of my retrospective - this is the final-final post showing my favorite photos from the 0 to 200,000 page view time frame.  These include my faves that are not animals, birds, sunsets or moons.

 This is a photo of Bluewater Creek taken from above in the Pinon Campsite area in Bluewater Lake State Park, NM.  The colors were this vibrant and beautiful.  6/6/12

 This is my all-time favorite campsite, so far. It was my site at Las Posas LTVA at Quartzsite, AZ and I had rocks around the border, my solar lights, American flag, etc. It was very homey. 12/25/11

The trail at Armitage County Park in Eugene, OR. Katie and I walked this trail many times. 8/9/11

 This is my best lightening shot taken during a lightening/thunderstorm at Bluewater Lake State Park. 8/19/12

Mt. Rainier in the distance from a rest stop

I loved this mossy table and benches at Armitage County Park, Eugene, OR 8/10/11

 Foggy evening at Zion National Park. 10/28/11

Saguaro Cactus Forest at Pleasure Lake, they were all shapes and sizes and number of arms. 11/15/11

 Red Rocks at Sedona with the fog coming in. 11/13/11

Loved this campground at Rock Creek Park with the beautiful creek running through it. 10/5/11

Emphasizing the color green at Sand Hollow State Park.  10/18/11

Road through the tunnel at Dixie National Forest.  10/17/11

The Palms at Quartzsite under a big, beautiful rainbow.

Driving North to South through Arizona we encountered Rain, Fog and Snow.  We finally ended up in Quartzsite - SUN!  11/13/11

Rising full moon over red rock with the circle window at Valley of Fire state Park, NV - 11/8/11

This is a photo of my campsite during a ferocious sandstorm/windstorm at Las Posas LTVA at Quartzsite, AZ. This is the worst sandstorm/windstorm I've experienced so far.  3/6/12

HooDoos, UT 10/17/11

Gorgeous cactus bloom at Bluewater State Park - with Bluewater Lake in the background. 6/17/12
I hope you enjoyed seeing my favorite photos.  It's been quite a trip going through them all to pick favorites.

From Me and Katie, have a great day, everyone!  :)


  1. Have REALLY enjoyed your retrospective!! Seeing all the cool pictures. You have done and seen alot of different places!!!

  2. Wonderful collection of memories. Now go forward and make more. Happy travels.

  3. It is so wonderful we can make these great memories. I have enjoyed strolling back with you.

  4. nice job on your favorites! captured some great shots!

  5. I think the one with the rainbow could easily be used in an RV ad.

  6. Enjoyed it very much. When you hit 300K (which won't take long), you'll have to give us a Katie retrospective!

  7. OMG, Kim, that would be funny! A Katie Retrospective! Heavens knows I have a few photos of her, for sure. :)

  8. Congratulations on 200,000 page views Barbara! I've been following since your early days, learning from your experiences. Your writing and pictures have been fantastic, which is why you have lots of followers. You keep it interesting and informative, and I always look forward to a new post in my Reader. Thanks for the picture retrospective. It's been fun to look back with you!


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