Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our Honey BooBoo names, and meeting another blogger

WELCOME to our newest Follower, Hazel!  Hazel is my friend - we camped near each other last year at Quartzsite.  You all remember Hazel - she is the full-timer with the Greyhounds and she has a cat, too.  She usually has two Greyhounds and two cats, but this year she lost one of each and her traveling family is seeming small to her.  She is also a Dingbat.

Hazel has been full-timing since 2005 and has been a wealth of information for me.  She just started a new blog, Class A Greyhounds...RVing with the Big Dogs; check it out, its looking really good!  Hazel is trying to decide if she should rescue another Greyhound to keep Fleur company, so we are looking at some rescue dogs Saturday, and hopefully she'll find one to take home and love.  I'm glad she has a blog now, so I can follow along with her when she is traveling down the road.

Hazel and Fleur and the horses

Welcome aboard, Hazel, Katie and I are happy to have you as an Official Follower! :)

Do you watch the Honey BooBoo TV show about the little girl and her family?  I don't watch Honey Booboo's show but I've sure been hearing a lot about this little girl.  Anyway, she has a name generator you can log into to see what your Honey BooBoo name is.  I assume that's how she got that silly name.

My Honey BooBoo name is Bloom Dainty or Bliss Darlin' and Katie's is Kewpie Dainty.  Or Kiddie Ding Dong.  Those are pretty good.

If you want to see what your Honey BooBoo nickname is, just do a search for Honey Booboo name generator. Fill in the first and last name windows and your nickname will come up.  In case you don't like the nickname it comes up with, try again.  Each time it comes up with another one.  Silly, but fun.

The other day I had a knock on the door, and it was Jeanne and Riley, coming for a visit. I knew Jeanne was heading toward Bluewater Lake State Park because she had e-mailed me, and I was so happy to meet her.  She's a very interesting woman who is taking a break from work - resetting her life, as she put it. 

She has a  Lazy Daze motor home and when I visited her a couple of days later, she invited me in and we had another good visit.  She showed me some of the things she has made on the road.  She's very crafty, binding small leather notebooks, knitting, making hand lotion and detergent - lots of different clever things.  Her dog Riley is so well behaved and he and Katie got along well. 

Riley, Jeanne and their Lazy Daze

It was so nice meeting you and getting to know you, Jeanne.  I hope we meet up again down the road! 

Tuesday evening the herd of five horses visited our campground again, so we got to see them for the last time before we leave. Two of the mares are pregnant and ready to deliver, and since they haven't been around for a couple of days, we were thinking the foals might be here already.  The Ranger said he thought they might be born this week, but he said today there are no new foals yet.
 Colt grazing behind The Palms

Guess who came for dinner?

A young family was camped in the site next to me in a rental motor home. The baby was looking out the back window at the horses. He was so cute.

The Dad and little girl were eating outside at their picnic table, and were pretty excited to see the horses.  Look at their faces.  The little colt strolled all over their campsite.  That's Jeanne's Lazy Daze in the background.  When the horses left this site, they wandered over to her site.  As usual I was enjoying the horses' visit. I'll sure miss them.

Katie and I saw a rabbit on our walk the other day. I know they are all over the park, but we don't see them often.  This one was pretty cute.

"If I hold real still, they can't see me."
"I'm even more invisible when I lay down with my ears low."
I yelled at Katie last night, and this is the face I get when she is in trouble.  She puts her chin up and squints her eyes.  So funny.  Of course, I felt bad.

The "in trouble" face.

Aren't these sunset clouds beautiful?

Kathie and I are leaving Bluewater Lake State Park tomorrow morning.  We're heading east to Arizona, tagging along with Hazel and Cari.  Hazel wants to go to a festival at Camp Verde where they also have some Rescue Greyhounds that she wants to meet.  Then we are going to the shop in Glendale where I had my solar installed to have some work done and have my solar system and furnace checked out for the winter.  My appointment is on Monday at 10:00, then it's on to Quartzsite!

Tire pressure has been checked, windows are washed, gas tank is full and the tanks are dealt with; our next post will be from Arizona.

From Me and Katie, have a great evening, everyone!  :)


  1. Love all your great horse pictures. That sky picture is really unique and you have to love Katie's "in trouble" photo. That is a sympathy getter for sure.

  2. I wish I could have camped with the horses this year...oh well - maybe another year. Have a safe trip. I'm still thinking I may get to Arizona sometime this winter. I may only stay in Texas for a few months.

  3. I wish I could have camped with the horses this year...oh well - maybe another year. Have a safe trip. I'm still thinking I may get to Arizona sometime this winter. I may only stay in Texas for a few months.

  4. Katie is so funny and soooo cute! Thanks for sharing all the neat horse pictures. Also, the photos of those folks who visited you. Always like to see another Lazy Daze motorhome. They are always fun!

  5. Katie, what a face!! Whatever it was, I'm sure you didn't mean to do it!!

    Love the horse pictures and the expressions on the faces of the man and his daughter are priceless. What fun.

  6. That Katie face looks to me more like a "Just who do you think you're talking to?" face.

  7. OMG! I see that Katie face everyday here from my E.B. LOL! They're too darn cute!

    I hope your friend can rescue another dog. Such a great thing to do for them. Fingers crossed it works out.

    Cheers! ~Merri

  8. Speaking of nicknames, I love all the different personality shots you get of K K K Katie. And then there is Little Bunny Foo Foo, and then of course the horses. Ok I couldn't think of ones for the horses. But I sure love them. Happy Trails...

  9. Love Katie's in trouble face. Welcome to Arizona and safe travels!

  10. So nice to get caught up again with you. Now I need to go check out your 200K page view favorites...looks like fun.

  11. Katie's 'face' is cute, she knows.... When i yell at Luci, which isn't very often as if makes me feel like such a heel, she puts her head down, ears back and slinks to her bed. like i have just crushed her!! Which it looks like i have... I don't want to make another living thing feel that way...

  12. These are wonderful photos. I couldn't resist, I had to do it.

    This is a boot and I don't even watch the show.
    Just call me by me Honey Boo Boo name "Hon-Bun Moo Moo", and my dogs are Very Maverick and Very Ding Dong. (Vito and Valentino)

  13. I enlarged the photo of the dad and little funny! Boy she had something to tell the kids about at school didn't she. Love the Katie photo...they sure know how to get to your heart don't they???

  14. I love the bunny comments. They do seem to think they're invisible when still. And Katie's face. Of course she is always cute, but that face is too funny. You are able to capture such great pictures, including the sunsets.
    It was so great to visit with you in Bluewater SP. Hope to cross paths again, maybe in Quartzsite.
    Safe travels!

  15. Love all your photos, as usual....but loved the bunny with the flat ears and of course Katie's best! You're going to miss the horses, but there will be some new adventure wherever you go!

    I agree that Katie doesn't look like she thinks she did anything wrong..she's more likely thinking...who do you think you ARE, yelling at ME?

  16. If you're leaving Bluewater in NM I sure hope you're going west to Az and not east!! LOL!
    Loved Katie's face, what a puss on her! My Chewy does the same thing.

    Hope to FINALLY catch up with you in Q next year. I said I was going to make a point of it when I went this year and didn't do it, so sorry! Drive safe!


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