Sunday, January 27, 2013

Advertising on Me and My Dog

You may have noticed my new advertising links from on yesterday's and today's posts.  If you have been reading Me and My Dog from the beginning, you'll remember that when I started the blog, I signed up for AdSense through Blogger to make a little extra money to help us while full-timing.

Unfortunately someone over-clicked on one of the political ads of a person she didn't like, and AdSense kicked me off.  Forever.  and Ever.  I appealed.  They said no.  Then I made an inquiry a while ago to see if they would let me back in since it had been a year or so and I'm such a nice person, but they said, Never, Never, Never.  See that post where I RANTED about it here.  I really felt it was unfair to punish  me for something a reader did - and she had no idea what the effect would be on my blog.

When they first kicked me off I was going to just forget about it, but I did search around to see if there was anything else I could do to earn a little money while blogging - and there are some other options.  I signed up for a couple of them, but never put links on the blog to utilize those money-making possibilities.  I decided I wouldn't use the blog for that purpose.

I decided yesterday to opt back in, and I've created some links on the sidebars. On the left side of my post you'll see GOLD BOX DEALS:

This link brings you to "Deal of the Day," Lightening Deals," and other deals on Check it out, and if there isn't anything you want, you can continue into the website for any shopping you planned to do, which will give me credit also.

On the right side is a text link that brings you right into with Amazon's search box below. You can use either one for more direct access.  :)

So... If you are going to purchase something on-line through, I would appreciate it if you'd use my blog links as your portal to the Amazon website.  Anywhere you go in that site and anything you buy will give me back a small percentage of your purchase.  There is a report I'll receive, but only on the clicks and purchases, not the buyers' names or any other information regarding the purchase.

I would LOVE it if Me and My Dog becomes your linking page for on-line purchases.   If so, THANK YOU!  If not, Katie and I will still love you LOTS, anyway. :)

In either case, keep reading Me and My Dog - nothing else is changing.

From me and Katie, have a great Sunday! :)


  1. I'm sorry I just bought a couple of books through Amazon, I did not know you had set this up or I would definitely have ordered through your blog. I'll remember for next time.

  2. I will try to remember when I next use Amazon. I really attempt to avoid online shopping, primarily because I like to support local businesses, and because I worry about privacy. But once in a while Amazon is too good to pass up.

  3. Google did the same thing to me and would not tell me why they dropped me. Arragant folks at google aren't they.

  4. Love that you found a way around Google's control. I love them, dearly, but things like what happened to you are just wrong. Being a HUGE fan of Amazon, I just may very well support you and your dog forever. And ever.

  5. Oh I will be GLAD to support you with Amazon! I order from them very often - most my purchases are online since I live in such a rural area. Okay, I will have to split between you and RVSue, love you both, but with my purchases heck, you'll probably both be set for life. heheheee!

  6. Thanks for the info. I will certainly order through your blog. I get books and games for my Kindle sometimes.

    Hope you and Katie are having a great day!

  7. I rarely use Amazon but when I do I will for sure go through the link on your blog !

  8. Next time I order from Amazon I'll try to figure out how to do it and order from you.

  9. I've had Ad-Sense for over a year and have yet to reach the $100 required for payment. They will probably find a reason to boot me off before they have to issue a check. Such a deal! So sorry this happened to you. Good luck with the Amazon link.

  10. Love your blog, encouraging to see you enjoying your retirement. I will remember your site for amazon. I am currently in Palm Springs, cool winter this yr.

  11. the crocheting just takes LOTS & lots of practice. have been doing it for years... i was also more or less self taught :)


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