Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hot Springs LTVA

Katie and I walked over to the springs the other day and I got some photos.  Because there were people in the pools, I didn't get any close-ups, but I will in the future.

I posted some photos last year when we were here, but at that time I didn't realize there was a body of water behind the wall of palm trees.  I knew there was some water, but I thought it was a narrow stream or creek.  It's an actual pool, and when we walked around it,  I saw a man swimming there.  It was just beautiful!

I peeked through the wall of trees last time, but this time I walked further to go around the trees, and saw this through the first opening:

And further around the small area was this opening, and a man having a swim.  It's not deep, at least not along the sides where I was talking to him, but he said the water is lower than it has been in the past.

This is shot from the other side of what I call "the grotto."  (There is a sign that says no swimming, but this man said he has been using this pool for years and years.  Probably because he is very quiet and leaves the area the way he found it.)

See the green palm trees in the rear of the pool?  Those are the trees in the front that block the view of the pool.

This is the wall of trees along one side:

These are the palms along the front side of the grotto that line the pool in the photo above. They are next to the two pools that are the "hot springs."

Some people ride their bikes over to the springs and just lean them against the fence or a tree.

Below is one of the pools that wasn't being used.  I talked to a couple of women who were there, and asked them why the water was going into the pool.  They said it was a little too hot, and when the water goes through the air, it cools down and therefore cools down the pool. The shower can be turned back and forth, into the pool or into the shower area.

Then they moved the shower bar back to the shower area and stood under it.

Isn't that a great way to take a shower???  You are not allowed to use soap or shampoo or any other products, I'm sure, but a good warm shower in that beautiful little area must be pretty refreshing.

All this, right in the middle of a desert, and alongside a major freeway.  But when you're in that area, it is the only thing you see and hear.

I always have Katie with me, and she isn't allowed in the area, so we just walk down and enjoy the ambiance.  One of these days I'll go without her and have a nice soak.

From Katie and me, have a great Monday, everyone!  :)


  1. I bet that warm water feels so good...therapeutic even. It is hard to believe it is by the freeway! The palm trees are so thick...

    We are leaving San Diego on Thursday. We have sure enjoyed being here the past 5 weeks.

    Hugs to Katie!

  2. Natural hot springs are so nice to soak in! The minerals do wonders for aches & pains :)

  3. I love springs. Will definitely have to check these out the next time we are down south.

  4. I think you ought to get down there for a soak ASAP! :)

  5. Prettiest place to shower I have ever seen. Too bad they don't have a puppy pool for Katie. Maybe a good soak would help your wrist.

  6. Very beautiful photos. Yes, it is quite nice to have a geothermal spring close by!
    But unfortunately it gets sometimes very crowed here. The pools are not big enough.
    I love it best in early November and late March when the most of the campers have left.

  7. It is a great way to take a shower. We went a couple times when we were boondocking outside of Yuma. It was wonderful!!


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