Sunday, August 18, 2013

Katie's Photo Round-up

I have so many things to post about and so many photos, I don't know where to start.  My two weeks were up at Bluewater Lake State Park, so I'm back here in the Grants area.  Today is my fourth day, and thing are going well - I've been super busy.  I'll post some of the things going on in the next few days, but for now, here are some pictures I've taken of Katie over the last few months.

First, one from Funny Photo Maker:

Come on, Mom - I don't want to be a dog in a cat's body!  That's just wrong.

It was a cold morning, but I'm pretty warm now.

Here I am after a walk in the rain.  I love my raincoat.

Two of my favorite activities - enjoying a patch of sunshine and chewing on my chew toy

Come on out, you squirrel coward!

This little squeaky toy makes a great pillow.

All these toys are pillow heaven for my little nap.

This is very cozy, and it keeps my ears up so I won't miss anything.

I love curling up on my blankie.

Wow!  What a hot day - I'm resting with my neck cooler on, but I'm not sure this big pillow works for me.

You see?  I don't sleep all the time!

And finally, another Funny Photo Maker picture - I love this one:

"Hmmm...  How does she do that - one ear up and one ear down?"

I know this was a lot of photos of Katie, but it's a drop in the bucket - you should see all the pictures in the "Not Posted" folder.  LOL

From me and Katie, have a great Sunday, everyone!  :)


  1. I'm not sure there can be too many pictures of Katie. lol. She is so photogenic.

  2. Katie is stylin' for sure in her oilskin duster.

  3. She's too cute. We love seeing her pictures!

  4. Katie is a sweetie! I totally understand taking so many cats tend to turn away from the camera when they see me coming.

    Looking forward to hearing what's been happening!

  5. Never get tired of Katie photos! I'm liking that raincoat!

  6. All of her pictures make me smile. She's very photogenic!

  7. She's so cute! I always end up with over 1000 pictures of my Katie-girl...every year! :)

  8. Little Katie. Always a great subject for the camera. Isn't it amazing how busy one stays on the road?

    Did you ever think that full-timing would require so much work?

  9. BTW, that would make a great topic for a post.

  10. Kim - tune in next time, you won't believe how much work I did to change a water filter. Whew! I know what you mean. :)

  11. Katie makes a very good photo subject!! She is adorable and so happy in her full-time lifestyle! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  12. Never too many pet pictures! They make our lives so much nicer!


  13. I also never tire of seeing pics of Katie. I cover my Bennie up in a blanket also when it's cold.

  14. I can see that you've found a new toy. Thank goodness Katie likes to pose.

  15. Katie is really advancing her knowledge of how to pose beautifully, but also in writing wonderful captions!

  16. Love all the Katie pics. Chica many times has the one ear up and one ear down as well.


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