Thursday, August 29, 2013

RV MOD - Lowering the Dinette Table

I've been living in The Palms now for 2 years and 5 months, and the dinette table has always been too high.  About three inches too high.   That really makes a difference in my comfort level when I'm doing anything at the table.

Well, I have something new that just wasn't going to work for me unless I lowered the table, and yesterday was the day.  I had mentioned to Hazel that I wanted to do this, and she had done it before, so she came over in the morning to help.

This is the table before:

You can see below the top tabs/slots that hold the table, and also the bar that fits into the channel, with those white plastic pieces screwed in, keeping the bar from raising up and coming out.  Simple design, but it works.

Close up of the tabs that fit into the slots on the wall, holding the table securely:

This is the wall after the table was removed:

So this hardware attaches the table on the wall side, and one wood leg keeps it steady and level on the outside:

You push on the little tab to release the leg - then fold it up toward the table and raise up the end of the table to release the tabs/latches on the wall to remove  the table.

Hazel and I worked together to remove the table from the wall, and then she started unscrewing the hardware from the wall, and re-attaching it three inches lower.

Meanwhile, I took the table outside with my trusty Coghlan's Sierra Saw - a small folding saw that is very sharp and worked perfectly.

Coghlan's Sierra Saw - nine inches folded, 16 inches when opened.

I measured three inches at the bottom of the leg and started sawing, then about half way through, flipped over the table and sawed from the other side.  The cuts almost  met in the middle.

After the piece was off, I trimmed up the bottom of the leg and that was it.  Done.

I brought it back inside and Hazel was finishing up lowering the hardware.

Lined up perfectly:

Then we manhandled the table this way and that until we were able to line up the tabs into the slots.  Once that was done, the bar was placed, with a little hammering and adjusting, into the channel and the final screw with the plastic piece was screwed in, making sure the plastic piece was securely on the bar to keep it in place.  We lowered the leg and waaa-laaa.   Just right!

And here it is in the photo below, all finished.

 Doesn't it look great?

This morning I got out the putty and patched the holes and cleaned up the wall area, and it looks original.  I wish I had done this a couple of years ago.

I cannot tell you how much more comfortable I am.  I can easily slide in and out, and can rest my arms on the table now.  I could hardly type before - my laptop keyboard was so high - but now it's perfect.

Tune in next time and I'll show you photos of why I needed to lower the table.

One final photo of Katie enjoying the flower-covered field next to The Palms yesterday:

From me and Katie, have a great Thursday evening, everyone!  :)


  1. Looks good! Isn't it amazing how much the little changes make.

  2. Looks like Katie gave her approval from the passenger seat.

  3. I always wondered what they were thinking when they made these tables so high. Looks much better now.

  4. What a great fix...I am short...only 5 feet tall. I think all tables are too high and sit on the edge of my seat or a cushion most of the time when we are out...especially in booths at restaurants!

    Can't wait to see what's next!

  5. great fix for you! give two women a saw and screw driver and they can do it!

  6. Making your home fit YOU is important to living comfortably. Congratulations on a job well done.

  7. Hey, great fix!! I had to laugh as we spent part of today making a riser for my chair as it was too low for the table, and was making my hips hurt!! Whatever works.

  8. Good stuff Barbara ! I never use my table. Ever ! I just find they are far too uncomfortable and kills my back.

    You've got me REAL CURIOUS though as to what's coming next.

  9. You must be as short as I am. I just....JUST.....want to get rid of the table and bench seats and install table and chairs.

    Don't laugh, but I think it is very good that you filled all the holes left behind. We found many holes in our motorhome that needed to be filled.

  10. We have a table and chairs but we very seldom use even those. Jim has a table attached to his chair which works perfectly for him and I either use my lap or a TV tray. But I know when we've sat in the dinettes in other rigs, the table is too high for me. You girls did a great job. Looks great and I can hardly wait to find out what you are going to be using it for.

  11. Aiy Caramba!

    I can't even imagine trying to LOWER our dinette table. If anything I'd love to RAISE it but there's no way do that because of the window right above.

    Clearly this is an issue of physical size!

    But, I always say, "there's no right way to RV" and this is just another way of demonstrating it. What works for you wouldn't for me and vicey-versey.

    Most of all I'm glad you found a solution that works for you.... Good on You!

    A retired Photographer looks at life
    Life Unscripted

  12. Good for you for deciding to do something about the table. It looks great!

  13. It does indeed look great. I have a laptop table ... it is adjustable and even an inch too high or too low can make my back scream.

    I say ... comfort is essential. In my old age ... all I want is comfort.

  14. What a great job! I'm very impressed . . . but then you do so many things like this that I shouldn't be surprised at how well this came out. Congratulations! It will be ever so much more comfortable now. ;->

  15. Great post...mine is a tight high..typing hurts my wrists and hands...might have to do this...
    thanks for the idea..

  16. Excellent job. There is nothing so thrilling as taking on a honey-do (even if you are the honey you do it for)and completing it. The feeling of accomplishment is so spirit-lifting not to mention having a table you can finally type at without standing up to type! Way to go girl.

  17. Glad that it works for you!
    Good music is on the way!

  18. What happens when you fold the dinette into a bed? The distance for the mechanism is not the correct length anymore.


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