Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - funny dog photos

I know this is Wordless Wednesday, but I do have some words in this one.   Check our these photos, and look into these faces.  They speak volumes.


Something is wrong...

Uhhhh...  you got me!  (Katie gets that squinty-eye face.)

I don't know what to say about this one:

Some dogs just hate baths (is he cute, or what?):

and some dogs just love them:

And finally, one surprised kitty - look at the interesting markings on his chin, making him look surprised:

Welcome to our new Followers:

Live Local USA and DelmarvaUSA are two blogs written by Andrea Baumann from Fenwick Island, DE.  Andrea is promoting "shopping local" and supporting local small businesses.  I've lived in small towns, and if the residents don't shop in their local stores, they won't be there for long.  

Karen Ruth, and DefPublic are two other new Followers who have no addition information, just their names, so I can't refer you to their blogs.

Thanks for following Me and My Dog ...and My RV!  Katie and I are happy to have you all along with us!  :)

From me and my wonderful dog, Katie, have a great Wednesday, everyone!  :)


  1. I like the photo of the dog enjoying his bath more than all the others, but they're all great!

  2. My oldest dog looks just like the one on the yellow tub, not wanting to get a bath. I don't try anymore, just take all three to the groomers once a month. Works for me.

  3. Those are all SO cute!! That one dog is in pure bath bliss!!!!

  4. Loved the Yellow Lab getting a bath. Mine never liked baths and would try to find dirt to roll in after!

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