Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Imperial Dam LTVA

I've been having some computer/phone/Internet issues the last week or two, but I think I finally have things back to normal.  I got a new phone, then found out Verizon blocked my ability to use it as a hotpspot using FoxFi and it was a pain to always have it connected by a USB cord (and that didn't always get me connected).  So I bought another one and returned the first phone.  Now everything works again.  I loved my 3G phone and knew it inside and out, but the hardware just didn't talk to the upgraded software anymore so....   I really had no choice.  Now I'm super glad to have this nice new 4G phone!  It has a little bigger face, too, so it's easier to do things with just the phone. 

Christmas was quiet, but I made a nice breakfast for myself:

Man, was it good!  Two large eggs scrambled with cheese on top, a whole avocado mashed with lemon and salt/pepper, sour cream and catsup.  Ummmm!  And a toasted Chibatta roll with lots of butter and apricot jam.  I ate every single bit, too. 

Then Katie and I went out for a walk.  We walked down across the road to the water, then back to the road and down a ways to the canal.  I don't know what part of "Imperial Dam" this is, but it looks like a dam.  Pretty with the palm trees and mountains.

I'm finding it hard to push Katie's stroller on the rocky and/or rough roadways, so I think if I'm going to get any real walking in, I'm going to leave Katie home and put on my MP3 player full of audio books and take off by myself.  I hate to leave her, because she loves to come along, but I think 2015 is going to be the year of walking alone for me.  At least while we're in the desert.  As long as I have an audio book or walking music to listen to, it'll be enjoyable and good exercise.

Here are some shots of the areas by us.  These are across Senator Wash, the road in front of us.  Here's the water:

And right to the left of it is this beautiful field.

That's the view out the dinette windows.  Here's our site at the edge of the campground.

The edge is slowly falling down and right before I got here the Rangers (or someone working for the BLM) brought a bunch of rock and filled in some of the edges of the slides.  That concrete pad is the largest one left from a small community that lived here when Imperial Diverson Dam was built between 1936 and 1938. Families lived on this land while employed to build the dam, and this one was apparently where the hospital was, and there were little houses all over this area up here.  Every so often you can spot a water pipe right below the dirt.  There must be a whole bunch of pipes and "whatever" under the ground here.

It seems like each year when I come there is a little less area to camp overlooking the road and water.  This isn't the prettiest campsite I've had, but I sure do like my view.

Here are a couple of my neighbors:

See how his coloring blends into the rocks?  (These are the rocks used to "fill" in the areas where the slides are taking place.)

Cute little critters!

We drove to Yuma to do some shopping yesterday and on our way back, past the military base, look what turned out of their driveway and came toward us, a big tank:

From me and Katie, have a great Tuesday, everyone!  :)


  1. That last picture made me want to yell "Duck and cover"

  2. And now if only the weather would warm up !!

  3. That is a nice area, and an awesome looking breakfast too.

  4. Love your pictures today. Especially the little critters. So cute! Did you change the settings on your camera for the campsite pics? Stay warm. It's cold here in Austin too.

    1. Thanks! No, my camera is pretty simple. About the only time I change it is for hummingbirds (if I remember). Then I change it to the "Tv" setting, which helps get their wings focused. I think it's like a Sports setting on some cameras. I change the lighting and enhance colors sometimes in my editing program, which is just Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Again very simple.

  5. Happy New Year to you and Katie from me and my Katie-girl!

  6. Happy New Year to both of you. I hope 2015 will be a grand one for you.

  7. Happy New Year! Wishing you and Katie all the best in 2015.

    Love the photos of the little critters, they are so cute!!

  8. Breffies looks yummies!

    Virtual hugs,


  9. I guess I missed this post, but I truly love your pictures..so fun. Oh, I really hope to spend some time in the desert, its just so beautiful and I never thought so until I started to follow blogs like yours.

    Happy Trails to You!


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