Monday, August 15, 2016

Back in Beautiful Bluewater Lake State Park, NM

Sure is nice being back at Bluewater. 

My favorite thing about this place is the horses.  I always love seeing the "wild" horses at Bluewater Lake State Park.  The last two years I missed them, but this year I really got my fill.  This post is all about the horses.

They come and go, hang out down by the lake, grazing and drinking the water.  There were a dozen or more, with quite a few babies.  I saw them bathing, mating and nursing, they just live their lives right there in the park while they are visiting.


These pictures were all taken while Katie and I were parked by the lake.  We sure got there at the right time.  It was like watching a movie. 

Look at those TEETH!  Was he smiling at us?


There was a large male and a younger horse who took baths, maybe I should say mud baths, because they were pretty muddy!  They looked sleek and shiny afterward, though, and they sure had fun.


After his bath, the larger horse took off running across the field to a group of three horses who were grazing together. 

He walked around a little looking at them, then started doing the "cutting horse" thing.  He herded them together, 
moved them into a row,

then stood beside the horse he wanted.

He then moved her away from the others and turned her in the opposite direction.

He kept his eye on them, warning them off.

Then he stood next to her, nuzzling - isn't he shiny after his bath?
After a while, he chased the other two away, and he and his lady grazed and nuzzled until we drove away.

And that, folks, is how it's done!   💕


One morning I saw a Great Blue Heron flying across the canyon near by campsite.  This was a lucky shot.

And, of course, there were hummingbirds, too.  

This guy is a Rufous, I don't see many of these:

They are tiny little things, and really pretty.

That's it for this post - lots of pictures, but I do reduce them before they go into a post.

From me and Katie, have a great Monday, everyone!   ❤❤❤


  1. Really clear shots of the hummingbird. Did you get a new camera? I love, love those horse pictures. I think that would be so fun to watch.

    1. Hi Barb - no, same camera. It's my Canon SX500IS. It has a 30x zoom lens, so I can get pretty close. I've had it for a while now, and still like it. :)

  2. Excellent pictures and a lovely area there. Just watched you video very well done and thanks to you I learned about the New Mexico State park pass. what a bargain.

  3. I would love watching the horses too. You certainly have some great pictures of them.

  4. The horse pictures were so much fun to see. Almost as good as being there to see them.

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  6. I loved the pictures of the horses rolling in the water. And I never tire of seeing hummingbirds. Excellent photos.

  7. Great capture of wildlife. Do you bring hummingbird feeders with you?
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, I've got a bunch of them. After 5+ years I finally have two that I really like, and so do the hummers. Those are the ones I'm using now. :)

  8. Amazing photos. The mud baths are probably a great way to cool off. I imagine it is quite warm there in August? Can you get out and hike around or do you have to stay in the A/C? Another place I must visit. Thank you!


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