Sunday, August 28, 2016

Willard Springs, AZ, just beautiful! ... Class A Toy Hauler for sale!


So, onward and upward - literally.  After having our new inverter installed in Flagstaff, we drove along Highway 40 to Highway 17 to Willard Springs Road in Munds Park.  It's a beautiful dispersed camping area (boondocking) in the Coconino Forest.  

There's cattle here, which I love, and tons of hummingbirds - all kinds - as well as other birds, and squirrels.  I haven't seen or heard any other critters like horses, coyotes, etc.  

This is a good place to move around, if you're like me and love to move sites frequently.  It's like Quartzsite - good level areas.  Lots of sun for solar people, and lots of shade for people who want it cooler.

This was our first site:

This is where we are now - a more wide-open area:

We had a really long storm night before last, rolling thunder, lots of lightening and tons of rain.  When I woke up in the morning, I saw that we were standing in water and was afraid we might get stuck, so we moved to slightly higher ground.  Here's the dirt road next to us before the big rain:

And this is what it looked like yesterday morning - Yikes!

The area was really drenched - view from the rear kitchen window:

A beautiful sunset through the trees a couple of nights ago:


My friend Denise (SASSY'S ON 'DA ROAD) is a Snowbird from Canada who I've known since I started RVing.  Many of you know her, too.  Super cool woman.  Here she is in Quartzsite the first day we met, she drove up, I clicked the photo, and we introduced ourselves.  Her little dog, Benny, is in the crate behind her seat.  We had been reading each others blogs, so we were already blogger friends:

We've been friends for a number of years now, reconnecting in Quartzsite or elsewhere in southern Arizona every winter.  Denise has decided to stop RVing and stay in Canada year-round, and is selling her motor-home, a 39-foot 2010 Newmar Canyon Star 3920 Toy Hauler (click on link for her ad).  I've spent time visiting in this gorgeous Class A and can attest to the fact that it's super comfortable and has everything.  Even hot cherry pie and super rich vanilla ice cream:

If you know Denise, you also know she's an avid Harley Davidson fan, and rides her own 2006 Harley Davidson, Heritage Softail Classic that she always brought with her in the Toy Hauler.  I have a bunch of photos of her riding into or out of my campsite on her bike - what a kick!  Anyway, if you have any interest in a really nice toy-hauler, check out the link above for all the information or this LINK for her You Tube video, which has a bunch more video links in the "Comments" section.

(I should probably put a disclaimer here:  I don't own the above motor home and haven't had it inspected, so of course I can't guarantee anything about it.  I'm showing you this info as Denise's friend because I know her and I know she takes care of her things.  I wouldn't hesitate to buy anything from her.  And I'm not receiving anything for posting this info.)

From me and Katie, have a great weekend, everyone!   😊


  1. Wow. You're getting way more rain than we are getting near Buena Vista, CO. I very much appreciate your tips for boondocking sites. Love your pictures.

  2. What a wonderful camping area, too bad about all the rain, hope you don't get stuck.
    Denise has an amazing toy hauler, We have met up with her a few times over the years and so glad that we got to see her again last winter in Quartzsite.

  3. I was camped just outside of Flagstaff on the east side on Friday night and the lightning storm woke me up at 3:00a. It was a doozie!

    I'm surprised to hear Denise is giving up the RV life. I loved following her blog. Hope all is well with her.

    Stay dry!

  4. Willard Springs looks like a beautiful place. I don't think I've heard you talk about it before. I do like the thought of horses and cattle around but you can't beat that picture for beauty.


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