Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Antelope Canyon X

I’ve heard about and seen photos of Antelope Canyon, you probably have, too.  There’s Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon.  They are slot canyons and absolutely gorgeous from the photos I've seen.  Some day I’d like to see both in person.  But this time, since a lot of the WINs had visited both of those canyons before, they wanted to see the new one – Antelope Canyon X.  I decided I wanted to see that one, too.

It wasn’t far from Lone Rock Beach where we were camped.  We had reservations for a morning hike with a guide, and off we went.  I’m putting a link at the bottom of this post that you can click on to see all the information about getting there, cost, the different canyons, etc.  I don't think Canyon X is on it, though.  Just Upper and Lower.

Anyway, here are the best photos I took of this excursion.  The first group photo wasn’t mine.  I think it’s the one the guide took for us that was on the WINs FB page.  That's me in the white shirt.  🙃

Canyon X on Navajo Land in Arizona 5-4-17 - from WIN FB page
There were two slot canyon areas in Canyon X.  We walked through the first canyon and then retraced our steps and walked through the second one.  Everywhere I looked I wanted to get a photo.  The colors and shapes were gorgeous.  As the sun crossed through the sky over the canyon, people who toured before and after our group probably saw the canyon in different lights and shadows.
Rock formation X Canyon 1 [800x600]Rock formation X Canyon 2 [800x600]Rock formation X Canyon 3 [800x600]Rock formation X Canyon 4 [800x600]Rock formation X Canyon 5 [800x600]Rock formation X Canyon 6 [800x600]Rock formation X Canyon 7 [800x600]Rock formation X Canyon 8 [800x600]Rock formation X Canyon 20 [800x600]Rock formation X Canyon 21 [800x600]Rock formation X Canyon8 [800x600]Rock formation X Canyon9. Indian face profileJPG [800x600]Rock formation X Canyon10 [800x600]Rock formation X Canyon11 [800x600]Rock formation X Canyon12 [800x600]Rock formation X Canyon13 [800x600]Rock formation X Canyon14 [800x600]Rock formation X Canyon15 [800x600]Rock formation X Canyon16 [800x600]Rock formation X Canyon17 [800x600]Rock formation X Canyon18 [800x600]Rock formation X Canyon19 [800x600]
I would recommend this hike for sure, and if I’m back in that area again, I’d like to visit Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon, too. 

Click on this link for some good information about Antelope Canyon:  Things to Know about Visiting and Photographing Antelope Canyon 
From me and Katie, have a great day, everyone!  💕😊


  1. Those photos are so beautiful it seems like they are of another world! Glad you got to see this canyon.

  2. Wow that was amazing sure glad took us along on the tour.

  3. There just aren't any words to describe this!! Just gorgeous.....beautiful!
    Thanks for the link and all the magnificent pictures!!

  4. Those pictures are amazing. We'll definitely be adding Antelope Canyon to our stops.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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