Sunday, May 7, 2017

Catching up... Sedona - 3. HOT AIR BALLOONS

I never get tired of waking up to the dragon-fire-breath sound of hot air balloons.  When I wake up to that sound, I always picture a dragon overhead, shooting fire down.  And I climb out of bed fast, throw on some clothes, and step outside to see what's going on and what's going up (or landing).

Many mornings while camped in Sedona I saw hot air balloons either taking off or landing right outside my RV windows.  What a treat!  Usually a lot of my neighbors were also out watching, coffee cups in hand.

Here are a few photos:

Inflating the balloons:

Loading the passengers into the basket:

Fire in the hole!

Almost ready to take off:

Another company had five balloons.  They set up behind my friend, Mike's, van.  (Hi, Mike!)  We watched the three on one side of the road and these five on the other side all take off and fly away.

And up they go:

Pretty cool, huh?  My Sunseeker has become a Balloonseeker for a couple of weeks.  See the balloon behind the tree branch?

Never get tired of this.  And sometimes I lift Katie out of the bunk to come outside and join the fun.  Most of the time she sleeps through it.  :)

And that's the end of the Hot Air Balloon photos.  I promise!  Until the next time they're around us, lol.
From me and Katie, have a great day, everyone!  🎈🤓😍🤓🎈


  1. I never tire of hot air balloons. Took one over Napa many years ago, and just loved it!

  2. Love seeing the hot air balloons thanks for sharing you photos and memories , more ballot pics is ok as well.

  3. That is so neat, we saw them when we were in Cottonwood,not that many though.

  4. I think most everyone loves hot air balloons....I know I do. We watched have watched several at Callaway Gardens and they are really colorful. I like the dragon analogy!!

  5. I just have to take a ride in one! Very cool!


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