Thursday, May 18, 2017

Catching up... Sedona - 10. DOWNTOWN SEDONA SCULPTURES

First up is a little cutie-pie - not a sculpture.  He's a real dog who was walking along with his owner and we thought he was darling in his "doggles."  (Remember Katie's Doggles?  I'll post that photo at the end of this post.  I got them for super sandy/dusty wind storms so her eyes wouldn't get full of dust and sand.)  Anyway, apparently this little guy has eye issues, including not having working tear ducts, so he needs to have eye protection.  Doesn't he look like a character?  His owner picked him up so we could get a good shot.

As we wandered through the Sedona downtown area, we saw lots of interesting sculptures and other things that were blogworthy.

This first one looks like a little girl taking a photo of the sculpture, but she is part of the sculpture.

This little girl IS real:

And here's Katie in her doggles and sun visor - remember these photos?  January 2014.  She looked so CUTE!  She was a good sport.

From me and Katie, have a great day, everyone!  😎😍❤😍😎


  1. Love those sculptures, remember seeing some of the, when we were there a few years ago, Great photos, love the doggles.

  2. I played those bells at the visitor center in Sedona a couple days ago. Fun!
    Both dogs are adorable with their goggles.

  3. Amazing sculptures. The little girl looks so real. What is she made of, plastic?

    1. No, I think she was made of the same metal (bronze?) the artist was made of. Then she was painted. It was kind of cool. :)


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