Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cody correction: Chiweenie

I have a correction to make about what kind of dog Cody is - Kristy, my daughter, had told me he "has a face like a German Shephard puppy."  I thought she said he was part German Shephard.  Chihuahua/German Shephard mix - well, I'll leave that one alone.

They think he is part Chihuahua and part Dachshund.  This mix is called a "Chiweenie."  That's a new one on me!  I've never heard of it, but I guess with so many Chihuahuas now, we are going to get all kinds of new blends.  Here he is again, with granddaughter, Lauren, in the background--I recognize the shirt. : )


Kristy and the kids, Andrew and Lauren, Skyped me today and I got to see Cody in person - or at least on the screen.  He is so cute.  He IS very calm but can run fast and was playing with the kids, running after his ball -  they were screaming and laughing and running.  Cody plays really well with the kids, and they were very good with him. 

I can't wait to see how he and Katie get along.  Katie plays and runs with people, but I've never seen her play with another dog.  We'll be there a few days over Mother's Day, so Katie and Cody will have a chance to get to know each other.  Katie has never spent time with another animal since I've had her.

I was looking at Kristy's Facebook for a new photo of Cody, but the one above is the only one there, sorry for the repeat.  But I found a few new ones of my granddaughter, Lauren - couldn't resist:

 Lauren at the Park

Isn't that hair just great?!?

That's all for tonight - good grief - it's almost midnight.  Sleep well, everyone, from me and Katie! : )


  1. Hope Katy is like Rigg's, He's never met another dog he didn't like, and he'such a gentle Ben around his little sister. Good Luck. Sam & Donna..

  2. What a hair raising ride down the slide that was! :)

  3. whew about the german shepard chi thing - just could'nt get my mind around that one! He sure is cute!

    Great hair do!

  4. Yes (sigh). Paris Hilton and her ilk caused the chihuahua to be the "doggy de jour" and the greedy breeders complied.

    Now the shelters are overun with neglected and abandoned chihuahuas and the inevitable mixes. Same song, different verse.

    Kudos to your daughter and her family for the rescue!

  5. When I see all of the things we have done to dogs, messing with their poor genes with breeding just to mess with them, I hope humanity will not be called to account by the palindromic Dog God.

    There would be much to answer for.

    Peekapoos were in fashion when I was young. We got an off brand, a Peekaterrier. He was a great dog in spite of the nasty gene thing done to him.

    They are all wolves inside.

  6. I was having a hard time imagining the large dog/small dog thing too. Cody sure is a cutie though. Love the picture of the grand baby with hair all staticky...


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