Saturday, February 25, 2012

We're BACK in the desert again... :)

Welcome to our newest Follower, Sharon Gulezian!  Sharon is a jewelry designer, (one of a kind, precious gems, pearls and crystals from all over the world).  Sharon, have you been to Quartzsite to check out their gem shows?  You don't show a blog or any other information, but let me know if you're an RVer and have a blog.  Welcome aboard!  Katie and I are very happy to have you following us on our adventures!  :)


I had over 800 photos to go through, deleting some, putting some in my "blog" file, and filing the rest.  I've been working on them for the last few days, but mostly I've been pretty lazy.  I get good TV and Internet here, so I've been catching up on the TV shows I've missed.  Thank goodness for Hulu!


We arrived at the Hot Spring LTVA  on Wednesday.  It was kind of a bear to get to, the bridge over the canal at the entrance of the area is out, and the only way in is to drive along a dirt road along the canal, I think it was around three miles, cross another bridge, and drive back along the canal another three miles.  The road wasn't too bad, but not too good, either. 


Pretty much washboard the whole road - I had to drive between 10 and 15 mph to keep things together. I could just see all the screws slowly turning as I bumped along.

As I was getting nearer to the camping sites, there was a very sharp turn, and as I approached it, another car, a van, came around the bend. I waved out the window and told him I'd back up, and he said, No, we're fine, as he drove into my mirror, re-adjusting it for me.  His wife seemed very embarrassed, and I wasn't too happy.  He said he was sorry, he thought he had enough room, and said, Everything looks fine, and drove off.  I couldn't open my door to see if there was any damage until he drove past me, and he kept going down the road.

After I got photos (and a closer pic of his license number, just in case - it's very handy to have the camera always nearby) I got out and checked the mirror.  It was fine, not even any scratches, so I re-adjusted it and continued to drive on.  Thank goodness the whole mirror, including the large arm attaching it to the body of the truck, is adjustable, otherwise it probably would have broken off.  That would have been a real pain! :(

Had I known it would be hard to get to, I would have kept going to another area.  By the time we were here, though, I decided to stay until we needed to dump the tanks and fill the water tank.  When we leave, we'll continue on to another camping spot. 
That's the bad part.  The good part is everything else.  When we found a spot to camp in and I got The Palms ready to live in again, I felt like I had come home.  The first thing I did was open all the windows and open the door and let all the fresh breezes in.  It's hot here - as I write this at 4 pm, it's 79 degrees, slight breeze, the fantastic fans are going, and I finally have a tank top on again.  It's pretty dry here - Poor Katie has white spots on her little nostrils - that always happens in hot, dry weather.  Does that happen with you dogs' noses?  Do you do anything about it?
It's a pleasure to walk Katie again, walking has gotten easier and easier and my strength feels like it's about back to normal.   There is one large dumpster for the whole area, and we walk down to it each day with a garbage bag to toss in.  The hot spring is a little further down past the dumpster.  We might walk to it, but at this point I don't have any desire to experience the hot spring. 
People go back and forth, usually with wet towels and hair on the way back, and sometimes with a full gallon plastic bottle.  I was told they use the water from the springs to wash their dishes and other uses.  It helps to extend the amount of water in their RV tanks.

Okay, enough about where I am now - I just wanted to update you on our location, and I'll post more about that in the next few days.


I need to catch up and post some photos of GRANDKIDS!  Today - Kennedy.


I picked Kennedy up last Friday at lunchtime, and we went to Coco's for lunch, then drove to Santee Lakes for an overnight in The Palms.  The last time I was at their house, last July, Kennedy and Gavin were scheduled to spend the night in my new motor home before I took off on the Great Adventure. Well...  as we were watching a movie that evening, Kennedy got sick, and went back into the house where she was sick all night.  So this was the first time she slept in The Palms.


We had LOTS of FUN! 


Snuggling with Katie
Kennedy wanted Katie to sleep with her soooo bad - I didn't think it would work, and that I'd be climbing down to get Katie in the middle of the night, but Katie got under those covers and didn't move until morning.  

Good night, Katie!
It was a one-dog and three-blanket night, pretty cold temps overnight. When Kennedy went to sleep, she asked for one more cover, and I added my last quilt to keep them warm:

Good night, girls!  (The bump in the middle is Katie.)


We bought some bird seed at the office, and Kennedy fed the ducks.  They came running!

Kennedy REALLY wanted to swim, I had her bring a bathing suit just in case.  The pool was not heated; it was ICY.  She has been in Lake Tahoe when the water was really cold (I think it's always really cold at Lake Tahoe) and she was determined to at least get in this pool.  It wasn't easy, though.  It took three tries of 1-2-3-go!

She did it!

Cooooold - thank goodness THAT’S over!

I was really proud of her, I wouldn't have even thought of trying to get into that water.  

Kennedy loves to do crafts, and is very artistic.  We got some of my craft things out, and she played around with them for a while.  In this photo she's making a "bug catcher," that's not what we called them, but I remember making these when I was about her age.    

We had a nice visit, did lots of things together, and had a great time.   Around 3:00 we packed up her things and drove back to the house.  It was Gavin’s turn to visit Grammy and Katie in The Palms.

Thanks, Kennedy, for visiting me and Katie – we miss you!

I had problems with this post, so finally copy/pasted it into Live Writer - it's still a little off, but... it's done!

From Me and My Dog, have a great Saturday, everyone!  :)


  1. What a pleasure to read this today. I had some lookers and it seems like they are interested. I might get there soon.(fingers crossed)

  2. Great to catch up with you. Kennedy and Katie make quite a pair in that bed and the picture of Katie peeking out of the covers is so cute. So glad you are feeling so much stronger and are back where you want to be (well, almost). Take care now.

  3. Absolutely great to hear from you. Enjoyed the whole post. Great to spend time with the granddaughter but also nice to see you and Katie out enjoying your boondocking.

  4. What a cute little towhead. My son had that silver hair when he was little.

    Good to read that you're back in the saddle. The driveway can't hold us forever!

    The Good Luck Duck

  5. Great to see how well you have recovered, and that you are enjoying life. Kennedy is adorable as is Katie. Nothing like a kid and a dog to see some hysterical shenanigans.

    I once met a group of women over on Hunting Island, SC, to camp. The bridge over is so narrow that one friend, who had a class C passed another vehicle and they BOTH lost their mirrors. He was fit to be tied and was chewing her out, but when she called the insurance company, they said they replace so many windows on that bridge that there was no fault, no pictures, no nothing necessary--they'd pay. I was fortunate not to encounter anyone coming the other way.

    Again, enjoyed every word you wrote, today. Pictures, as always are great--you're an incredible photographer.

    I don't even know how to begin organizing my pictures. Just too many!! They are pretty much by date, which the computer does on its own.

  6. When I was her age, I would have been in the pool with Kennedy! Not any longer, though...

  7. We would have headed to the Hot Springs if that bridge wasn't out. I guess we'll have to put it off until next year. I love the hot tub there!! Great to have you bring us up to date.

  8. nice to see a post from you and to hear that your doing very well :)...Kennedy is a exciting for her to spend her first night with you and Katie in the palms...glad to hear you feel good!!

  9. NO white spots on noses at our house. Just happy puppies when it's hot outside. If you happen to meet Bea and Peter from Canada - they are great people and actually parked with us for a few days at Q. So glad to hear you are back out in the Palms on the desert.

  10. Happy to read you are back out doing what makes you happy.
    Kennedy is a beautiful child and I love the picture of her on the jungle gym with that blonde hair flowing good catch with the camera. It was great for you both to have the sleep over.

  11. Do you have any pictures of your site, I am curious about these areas for camping.

  12. I owe you such an apology. You welcomed me back in February and I never saw it. I have recently started a blog of my travels the past 4 months. My blog is I also started the Sharon Gulezian google blog ( time ago, which I do not use too ofen. Maybe I should start. Can I use both at the same time. When I was married we had 3 Class A's, I have owned a fifth wheel myself for about 8 years as a single woman but had it parked in a rv park. I have not been traveling for the past 11 years except by car. I am looking to buy a class or a Class B Conversion RV. I hope to be on the road as soon as I can, like yesterday. lol. I do want to go to Quartsite and look at all the wonderful gems they have to offer.
    I have been invited by other rv's who will be staying there Jan and Feb to join the fun! Please add my blog as I would love to hear from you! I have been so busy lately getting my business up and running so I can run it from the road.
    Sharon from Fl.


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