Sunday, July 15, 2012

Katie has a friend. :)

WELCOME to our new Follower, Campers4Lifex2!  I don't see any blog info on you and there isn't a profile I can access, so let me know if you have a blog I can check out.  Thanks for following along with Katie and Me, I hope you enjoy traveling along with us! :)

WELCOME also to Heather Applegate!  Heather, your photos are gorgeous, but I guess they should be since you are a professional photographer. :)  Heather is saving to buy a trailer, and has a link on her blog that you can click to add a dollar or two to help her reach her goal.  You know what they say, if you don't ask...  I wonder how that's going.   I love this, on her blog, "When I'm having a bad day, I take the change from my pocket and toss it on the ground, so someone will find it and have a better day than me."  I like that idea!  Good luck getting your trailer, Heather, I look forward to following your blog to see if you reach your goal, and thanks for the beautiful photos.  Welcome aboard! :)

I went into Dolores with Debbie and Gayle and Jim Thursday evening.  It's a cute little town, and we went to the brew pup there on the town square.  It's a little place, and was crowded and loud.  You go to the counter for service, and it was quite a wait to get our orders in.  Then we waited for maybe an hour for our food to be delivered.  This is definitely a place you want to go during slow times.  But when my pulled chicken sandwich arrived, it was super good.  I ate about half and had the rest on Friday for a late lunch. Almost as good warmed up!

When I got home Katie was waiting at the door. I'm sure she was sleeping while I was gone, and she did just fine. We always worry about our pets when we leave, but just like little kids in preschool, they make you feel guilty when you leave, and then immediately after the door closes, they're fine.

The other day while Katie and I were walking by, Debbie invited us into her rig, a Lazy Daze with a gorgeous interior. Here she is with Katie's friend, Elliott:

Elliott and Debbie
I was surprised when I went in, it's really homey and cozy inside, and Debbie said when she got it, she wanted it to be as close to her sticks and bricks home as possible. I'd like to have The Palms look  this good, but they are just different designs and colors, totally different. Love your house, Debbie! 

Friday I went into Cortez with Gayle and Debbie to do shopping and laundry and send off some packages.  I got my replacement Sirius XM radio and got the signal set up so I needed to send back my original radio.

I'm also having a problem with my camera, the Nikon S9100.  It seems to be a common problem with this camera.  When I engage the zoom lens, it often freezes and I have to shut off the camera and turn it back on again.  I have to zoom really slow to have it work right, but it still doesn't always work. I've lost a lot of good photos with that stinking, oops, I mean sticking, zoom lens. The auto focus is also off.  I'm having a problem focusing on an object - often the photo has the subject blurry and the background in focus.  This didn't  happen when the camera was new.  It's under warranty, so I'm sending it off, too, to be repaired.

Jim and Gayle have the same camera and sent theirs in for warranty work, and it took two months to get it back.  I hope I get mine back sooner. Too bad, it's been such a great camera, but since these problems have started, it's been a pain.

I'm now using my older camera, an Olympus Stylus-9000.  It has a 10x zoom lens, and boy do I see the difference.  I just can't zoom in close enough to get the photos I want, and the colors aren't as good - everything is darker and I have to manipulate them on the computer to lighten and brighten them.  I'll be happy to get the Nikon back!

I've visited a couple of times with Debbie and Gayle and Jim at G and J's campsite.  Debbie's dog Elliott and Katie get along so well.  I think Elliott is Katie's first friend - she really plays with him.  Katie won't start it, but if Elliott runs, Katie is right behind him.  She loves to "chase."  They stirred up so much dust, they were filthy when they were done, especially Elliott, who has long hair.

He's just the cutest, sweetest dog!  I can see why Katie likes him so much.  Here are some chase photos:

 Katie loves Elliott.

They had so much fun, and we all had fun watching them run around; they raised so much dust we had to get off our chairs and move back out of the way.  They were pretty happy when Gayle brought out a bowl of water for them.  Katie was first, letting Elliott know he had to wait, and he was a gentleman and let her go first.

My new friends left this morning for points north.  Katie and I took a loop walk at noon, and they were gone.  Katie spent some time sniffing around Gayle and Jim's campsite.  It was kind of sad, but when we got to Debbie and Elliott's site, Katie sniffed all over the brush and didn't want to leave.  I know it's silly, but she seemed to know Elliott was there and is gone. Sniff...

It was great meeting you guys and spending time with you all.  Thanks for including me in your activities, and Jim, thanks for the computer help. I'm still working with the program, and think I pretty much have it down.  And Gayle, the rhubarb pie was delicious!  Thank you.  I hope we will meet up again down the road!  :)

I really like it here at McPhee Campground.  We've moved to an electric site - spoiling myself, for sure!  Katie and I are staying at least until the middle of the week, and may extend our stay further.  We'll see. The Verizon signal is 4 bars, Internet is good and I'm getting 92 channels with my TV antenna.  Deer and birds, nice trees and brush, sun and rain, clouds and thunderstorms intermittently.  I can't think of anything we're missing, so I don't have the itch to move on yet. The only thing negative is that with the electric, I'm paying $13.50 a night, but...  that's a bargain when you think what an RV park would cost, and it wouldn't be in the middle of a forest.

Speaking of deer, I got some good photos of the doe and her fawn the other day, and will post them next time.

From Me and Katie, have a great Sunday, everyone!  :)


  1. That's so cute that Katie found a new friend! That's my only real concern about when I start traveling - Oliver doesn't do well around other people or dogs. Oh, well, maybe by that time I'll have worked with him enough to get over that. He's not mean, he's just protective of his mama, according to the place where I got him, and that's common among dogs who have spent a lot of time in shelters.

    It sounds like you are really enjoying your campsite - I'm adding it to my travel list.

  2. Thank you for the shout out! :)
    I hope I can have a canine companion some time down the road too, so much fun! I once had a rabbit that traveled around with me when I did archaeology - really had a lot of good times with him!

  3. I'm glad Katie has made a friend. It looked like she had a bit of a learning curve of what to do with a her new friend, but quickly figured it out. I found Dolores to be kind of a neat little village and some day I plan to return.

  4. your last paragraph says it all!!! What more could an rver ask for...Katie your a doll glad you found a friend...

  5. I wondered if you may get lonely occasionally. Of course I know you stay busy, just like you would living in a house. Some single
    gals travel in small groups or meet up with friends. My single sister in law does that. Any thoughts on that style of RV'ing?
    Just thinking how I would feel. :)

  6. The chase photos are the best! Too adorable!

  7. Sorry you are having problems finding my blog.. it should be found here

    Love the pics as always do on ppls blogs. Will be a frequent visitor for sure.
    Have a great day, all.


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