Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Last day at McPhee Campground in CO

WELCOME to our new follower, Judilyn!  Judilyn has a Lazy Daze motor home named Dorrie Anne, who her blog is named after, "Adventures of Dorrie Anne."  She takes great photos, today's is of a couple of slices of pizza that look soooo good!  Judilyn, I've seen your blog before, I remember the bird house photo, which I loved, and left a comment.  I'm looking forward to more beautiful photos!  Thank you for following along with me and Katie!  Welcome aboard!

Today is our last day at McPhee.  I've really liked being here, as I said in the last post, there's nothing negative I can think of, for me, at this campground.  Last night was our last paid night, but I'm expecting an Amazon package today, so I'm extending one more night and we'll leave tomorrow.  I started thinking about the New Mexico State Campgrounds that I have an annual pass for, and thought, why not head south a little to use that pass?  So, tomorrow morning we'll head out.

Here are some final photos from McPhee:

 Mom and Baby

 Darling Fawn.

The deer just hang out in empty campsites.

This little guy kept coming to the window feeder.

 He would knock the seeds all over until he found one of these, 
then he'd fly off to eat it.

Grosbeak at the handing feeder.

 This Jay figured out a good way to get the seed!

Finally got a pic of a hummer. :)

And finally, a big black bird - there aren't many of these birds in the campground, like there were at Bluewater Lake, but occasionally one soars over.  This was a lucky shot this afternoon:

Okay, unless I get a great photo that I want to post, that's it for McPhee Campground pictures.   

My package hasn't arrived yet, but I've already taken in the bird feeders and my American flag and holder.  Tomorrow it's just unplug the electric and bring in the TV antenna and door mat, and we're ready to go.  

Next stop, Navajo Lake State Park!  I'm going to find a site with no ants - that's what drove us out last month.  

 From me and Katie, have a great Wednesday, everyone!  :)


  1. Haven't found a bird yet that likes those red millet seeds. That titmouse just wants the black oil sunflower seeds. :)

  2. I don't have good luck with red millett..but they sure do like the white millett.

    Love the fawn...he hasn't grown into his ears, has he?

    Great picture of the Jay...good capture!

  3. Great pictures of your stay. Good luck on you move south. Hope it isn't too hot down that way. And no ants.

  4. We like your description of McPhee Campground so much we plan to stay there next week while we do Mesa Verde.

    Does it get very crowded on weekends? Does it have pull-through sites? We have a 34' 5th wheel with three slides and a long bed you think sites are long enough there?

    Susan & Bob

  5. I love the deer pictures. They are just about everywhere and as common as can be, but why does it stop everyone who sees them to gaze in awe.

  6. Great pictures looks like a wildlife park versus a campground. Travel safe tomorrow hop the ants are gone.

  7. So glad you got such good pics of the fawn since I missed it! Hope you have a better experience this time at Navajo Lake.

  8. Love the deer, the babies and the birds. The wildlife sure can make a good park great.

  9. Looking forward to your next adventure.! Sure looks like you are having a great time.

  10. Check out site #19 at Navajo, nice and large, great view and pretty private. No ants when I was there in May. The no-see-ums are gone here, but I think your main problem was no cell signal. I don't understand why some folks have a trouble and others don't.

  11. Saw a fawn outside my window today. Standing in the front yard with Mom eating grass. Big rabbits!

  12. Great pictures of the birds and deer. Hope you find a perfect campsite with no ants. Travel safe.

  13. Lovely photos of a great place. Those birds will be annoyed with the feeders gone and you still here. Hope there is no retailiation. lol.


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