Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Photos around the campsite

Some bird photos at my seed feeder.  The Black-headed Grosbeak seems to "get it," and has enjoyed eating seeds at the hanging bird feeder. I think this feeder was made for smaller birds. I do have another one that attaches to my window, I'll have to see if I can find it for the Jays.

She is able to perch on the feeder securely and reach the feeding holes.

Then she enjoys the seeds she gets.

Yumm, chewing away (or whatever it is they do).

But the poor Jays just don't get it.  They look at the feeder, fly to it, try to hang on, and half the time they don't grab on and drop to the ground.  If the Jays do make it to the perch, they poke at the seed hole, knock some out, then drop to the ground to eat the seeds.

What IS this thing?

Okay, this is working.

 Lets's see what's in here.

   Hey, not bad - seeds!  I like it!

Oh, Oh!  This isn't working!

 Help, I'm falling!

And down he went!

I got such a kick out of watching them.  After a bunch of tries, most of the Jays got the knack of it.  Today I moved my rig around in the site, and I had to move the bird feeder so I could see it out the window.  It's like we're starting all over again, and they are checking it out again.

It was a nice day today.  It's 6:00 pm and the thunder just started and the clouds are moving in, so we might have some rain tonight.  I just saw some lightening.  I'm going out for pizza tonight, and hope Katie will be okay - she doesn't like the thunder. :(

From Me and My Dog, have a great Wednesday evening, everyone!  :)


  1. Pizza is a very good thing. That Jay is a hoot..

  2. Birds and squirrels and deer and just about all the little creatures are so fun to watch.

  3. Jays prefer a platform feeder, but I guess they will try anything to get the seeds. We used to set whole peanuts in the shell out on our deck for the jays and they would try to fly away with two or three in their beak.

  4. They will always find a way to get those seeds. knocking them to the ground is one of their tricks.
    I love watching the birds too. I forgot to ask if I can hang my feeders at the new site.
    Have fun watching and enjoy that pizza.

  5. they are so cute and very diligent about getting those seeds I love watching them at the feeders...


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