Monday, July 2, 2012

We're still enjoying Mesa Verde National Park in CO

WELCOME to our two new Followers!

TravelBug-Susan  says in her blog profile that she is an enthusiastic, fun-loving traveler and hopeful romantic. She and her husband have been gate guarding for two months at a 24/7 gate in Cotulla, TX, and as of today are in San Antonio, TX where her husband is starting a new job that will allow them to still travel.  Good luck in this new adventure, Susan, that's what this lifestyle is all about!

Helga Vater, welcome to you, too.  Helga's info is all in German, and she doesn't appear to have a blog, so I'm assuming she has an interest in RVing, but can't tell anything further than that.  Thanks for joining us, Helga!

Thank you Susan and Helga for following along with me and Katie - We're happy to have you both on board!  :)

We're still here in Mesa Verde.  It's a very quiet, peaceful park with lots of birds and deer to enjoy.

Three deer just pranced down the path to our campsite and ran around the stand of trees near us.  There is a family camping behind some other trees, and I think the little boy yelled something and scared the deer.  I love watching them run.

There are deer here that come right into the campsites, snacking on the tender leaves on the trees and grasses.  They are aware of us when we walk by, but don't move unless we get too close.  They keep their eye on us until we've passed by.  It's pretty much an everyday sighting, which is fun.  The other day a large doe layed down under the trees next to our picnic table and just stayed there looking around. Katie seems okay with them; she just watches them for a while then ignores them.


We met Teri (her blog is Teri’s World) on Friday, another Blogger who is workkamping here for the company that owns the campground in this National Park.  She works outside the park about 5 miles down the mountain at their main office and is their comptroller. It's a six-month stint, and she said she loves working there.  I met her last Thursday when I went down to pick up a package from, and then on Friday she came up in the morning and we had coffee and talked for almost three hours.  The morning just flew by.  It was nice meeting her; she is another solo female RVer and we had a lot to talk about.

Teri, thanks for coming over for coffee, I enjoyed our visit!  :)

I originally planned to stay here for three nights, but I liked it so much I extended our stay until July 5.

 My Sirius XM Radio is on the blink and still under warranty, so I called the company and they said they would mail me a new radio (and I'll mail them back the one that doesn't work.)

Unfortunately they mailed it to my daughter's address in California, the one they have in their files.  That's after I gave the "warranty technician" the address here at the park - I gave it to her twice, and had her repeat it back to me.  I specifically told her I was on the road and the radio HAD to be mailed to me here in Colorado.  I asked her how long it would take, and she said, "Since you're in California, it will only take a few days because it'll be shipped from California."  I said, "No, I'm NOT in California, I'm in Colorado – at the address just I gave you as a shipping address?  That's where it will be coming."  Oh, Yeah.  I think she wrote it down and tossed the paper.  The CO address never made it into the warranty file for shipping, so the radio ended up in Vacaville, CA on Saturday.

So now my daughter has to ship it to me at her expense because Sirius said they would not pay for a second address delivery, and it won't go out until tomorrow, so I may be here longer than Thursday morning. If it's not here on Wednesday, I'll pay for another day, and keep paying day by day until it arrives.  I could be waiting in worse places! 

First a radio that doesn't work right and then customer service that sucks.  It took a phone call of more than 40 minutes and talking to three people yesterday at Sirius before my phone battery died and I gave up and later called Kristy to just send it on to me.  I hope the replacement radio works!

It seems pretty empty in the park, but there are a lot of roads with loops on each that come off the main road, so you can't see all the campers from the main road.  I've had people come and go near me, most stay for only a few days.  Most of them are gone for the day and come back to camp later in the afternoon. There are a lot of things to see further in the park about 10 to 15 miles.  (This is a huge park.)  I started to drive up there the other day to see what I could see.  After 8 miles I gave up and came back to camp.  There’s a narrow, dark tunnel you have to drive through. Usually tunnels don’t bother me, but that one did.  Also the road is very windy and honestly, I enjoyed the photos on the brochures and decided I didn’t want to do any more driving up that mountain.

So that’s it for now.  I don’t know if I’ll post again while I’m here.  Although I get 1 to 3 bars on my cell phone, it really isn’t very good for uploading and downloading and I can't talk on my phone unless I stand outside right near The Palms. I wrote most of this last night, but couldn't save it, so luckily I did a copy/paste into Microsoft Word and copied it over here again this morning. I couldn't bring up any photos at all, but this morning I have better connections, so I hope I can post this.  I have been able to pretty much keep up with your blogs and my e-mail, and that’s about it.

Here's a really pretty sunset from last Friday.

From Me and Katie, have a great Monday, everyone!  :)


  1. I'm afraid Emma would never calmly watch deer that close. :)

    Good customer service is almost a thing of the past in my opinion, and that's a shame.

  2. oh, the deer! beautiful sunset picture.... and meeting Teri! how cool is that?!

  3. It's hard to believe that after you kept repeating the address to her and telling her you were NOT in California, she shipped it to CA anyway. I would be pretty steamed.

  4. Don't get us started on Sirius! They have the worst customer service ever. The only way we got our problem resolved was by Jim posting on Facebook what horrible customer service we received. Within 10 minutes he was contacted by a manager who took care of the issue.

  5. Love your photo of the deer peeking out from the tree.

  6. Customer service stinks almost everywhere. I have prescription solutions and they are really bad. I'm glad my meds aren't keeping me alive. I called and changed my address to show Lakeside until Oct. When my meds didn't show up I called. They canceled Lakeside because I wouldn't be there in Oct. this was May. I called again and they asured me they had it right now. I received a letter to renew it was forwarded from Tucson. GRrrrr

    Love your pictures of the deer but all are so nice a crisp

  7. Hi, I'm glad you are liking the park. Great pictures of the deer, I didn't get any pictures of them the night I stayed up there. LOL, I'm not the comptroller, just an accountant. They are searching for a comptroller (we joke about it in the office all the time) and are having trouble finding someone - too much responsibility or no one that wants to live here full-time. You can listen to the radio on your phone, I have downloaded a couple of apps - probably doesn't work as good as the Sirius when you are driving, though.


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