Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Critters around the campsite

I'm actually looking forward to heading back to New Mexico where there are lots more interesting critters, and many beautiful birds.  There aren't nearly as many here, at least that I've seen, but I've gotten some pretty good photos of the critters in and around our campsite, and here are some of them.  (Don't get me wrong, I love Arizona!  When I've been in New Mexico for six months, I'll be anxious to get back here.  That's just the way it works!)

First the little round-tailed ground squirrel - he has the cutest face. 

The birds all fly away when he comes on the scene, but this little white-crowned sparrow was bravely waiting nearby for the squirrel to leave:

A bit of a stretch to get the seeds in the red part:

Juvenile white-crowned sparrow:

Adult white-crowned sparrow:

This is the view out the dinette window, so I get a good view of any critters around this large bush:

It's been hard to get a photo of these butterflies because they move pretty fast, but I finally got one:

And Katie's all time favorite critter - I got a quick shot of this lizard before he scurried into the underbrush:

Noticed this guy in the bush the sparrows always hang out in.  I saw the flash of yellow and grabbed the camera because most of the birds I see are sparrows.  I've only seen this bird once - a yellow-rumped warbler:

And there are doves here, too.  This is an Eurasian collared-dove way up in a tree, and I've seen some scurrying around in bushes, too:

The little squirrel was so funny yesterday - I snapped a bunch of photos and will show you in another post.  I also got some good hummingbird shots - bright, bright iridescent red - and will include them next time, too.  :)

Did I ever tell you how I made this great low-tech seed feeder?  I wanted something to put on the top of my hummer feeder pole.  The pole is open at the top,  and the small stakes on the solar lights fit perfectly into the opening.  So first I had a solar light there, which was good and I liked it until it burned out.  Then I did this:

I had a couple of Kentucky Fried Chicken side order containers - they are great for storing small amounts of leftovers.  I put the lid on the ground with the container on top of it and pounded a large nail through the middle.  For the pole feeder above, I just put the nail into the hole on top and it stayed there just fine.  But since I haven't gotten out the feeder pole here at Hot Springs, I simply nailed it into the ground.  It's perfect.

 In the photo below, look at the toes on the squirrel's back feet.  Cute like a cartoon?  or Creepy?

I like this little home-made feeder because if it's on the pole, birds can fly to it and if it's on the ground they can stretch up to get the seeds on the red lid or sit on the edge and nibble - and squirrels fit just fine inside, too.  It's small enough that I'm not wasting seed, it works great, and it's FREE.  Super easy to store while on the road, too.  :)
I remember my first year at Hot Springs I got some pictures of roadrunners, but so far I haven't seen any this year.  I forgot to tell you, though, on my drive here from San Diego as I was tooling along the highway, no other cars in sight, all of a sudden a big roadrunner came out onto the road and scurried across.  Then he flew over the bushes along the edge of the road - I've never seen a roadrunner fly before.  It was all so clear, right in front of me, no bushes in the way.  Obviously too quick to get my camera turned on, but that scene is embedded in my  mind forever.  He was beautiful.

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From me and Katie, have a great Tuesday, everybody!  :)


  1. Dear Katie, you need to send more ESP messages to your mom to let her know that you are more important than those birds, and squirrels and lizards!

  2. Looks like a Disney movie around your place. Ingenious feeder. Wish we could have some but there are too many neighborhood cats. Maybe Doris and Katie could meet-up sometime to go on a Lizard hunt. (P.S. Doris isn't very good at it).

    1. Well, Katie isn't very good at it either. She runs as the lizard goes under a bush, then she walks around it with her tail wagging. She's never even gotten CLOSE to one. Thank goodness! :)

  3. I always enjoy watching wildlife and seeing pictures, too. That squirrel does have a cute face.

  4. I have always preferred New Mexico - the colors in the sky and landscape are more pleasing to me, especially sunsets. But everyone has their own opinion on that.

  5. I love the squirrel shots, see what you are saying about the cute or creepy feet...I say cute though. Look at that face!

  6. I do love the little squirrels face. And it's little toes are so cure..... I however didn't like his tai as it's to much like a mouse taill..... I like the bushy kind of tail..... Love watching the critters eat. This feeder would work better for me as forgotten and have left behind several feeders. Hope the next campers enjoyed!

  7. the toes on that squirrel are creepy!!! We have doves, too, love them.. lots of little birdie's too.. Dad always said some type of little wren.. :)

  8. Seriously, that's not a lot of critters? It's too early here for anything more than a few bunnies so it certainly seems like you've lots of interesting wildlife to watch.

    Is that monarch butterfly?

  9. Very nice pictures Barbara! You know that Jim (Jimbo's journeys) will be here for a few days. I pointed out your rig to him today. Come on by and have a chat.

  10. I am always jealous when I see your photos from New Mexico. There are so many more different birds there than here. Here we have several types of sparrows. Doves, hummingbirds and quails. I have seen one road runner this year way north at the end of the BLM area. Even if the variety isn't comparable with NM I like the bird songs early in the morning all winter long!

  11. Barbara, not only are you very observant, you're extremely creative too! Love the feeder! And Oh. My. Gosh. Check out the little cutie in Katie's Daily Puppy!

  12. Dang. I think you're getting more critters than I am in my backyard. I may need to take a couple of lessons from you.

  13. You always manage to get some of the greatest shots of birds.


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