Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our Squirrel and Hummingbirds

I got a kick out of watching this little round-tailed ground squirrel the other day.  The day before I had taken the photos of him sitting in the seed feeder eating all the seeds, and the next day he was back, but I hadn't filled the feeder yet.  He stood up behind the bush and checked out the area for a bit,

then went over to the feeder.  Hummm. Where did all that seed go?

 So he went back to the bush, stood up - and ate some flowers and tender leaves.

Then he went back and checked the feeder again - still empty!   What the heck??

Then he went over and ate some of the ground cover nearby.  He must have been really hungry, poor guy.

After a few minutes of nibbling at the ground cover, he went back and checked the feeder again.  Still empty???  The third time his body language told me he wasn't as hopeful, and yes, it was still empty.

So he went back to that luscious bush and ate more it's flowers and leaves.

I guess he gave up on the seed feeder at that point and after a little meal of flowers and leaves, he scurried across the desert and away. 

The funny thing is, the feeder is right next to the bush, so he had it in sight all the time.  Yet, he kept going back to it and checking.  I started rooting for him that there would be seed the next time, too, but...   Oh, well.  I sure enjoyed watching him  :)

He's almost the same color as the ground here; like so many critters in nature, he has great camouflage.

This hummingbird was so bright in the sunlight.  Sometimes when the sun isn't just right on them, you can't see the brilliant red color, but it was just right on this day.  This is one of my favorite pictures from our stay here this time.

Same thing with the brilliant green on this hummingbird - you can tell it was a little windy, he has a mohawk:

A big WELCOME to two new followers.  They are both waaaaay back with the first Followers because they don't have a photo, and I just found them.  First is Ralph Amstutz, and then Lanigirl29!  Hey guys, thanks for following along with me and Katie, we appreciate it and are happy to have you aboard!!  :)

That's it for today!

From me and Katie, have a great Thursday, everyone!  :)


  1. You need to feed your photo guys, they deserve to be paid for entertaining you and then us!

  2. What a cutie! I bet he finds some seeds in there tomorrow.

  3. Love you photos and your camera caught the green and red of the hummingbirds. Cute little squirrel ... gotta give him some more seed.

  4. Soooooo?? why did u not give the poor little squirrel some seeds???
    Hummingbird pics are great, wonderful colors on them!

  5. All the entertainment one needs right outside your window. Love it !!

  6. Great squirrel saga. Poor little critter was ever hopeful. The colors on the hummers are beautiful.

  7. I just love the hummers. I need a new feeder and keep forgetting to pick one up when I'm shopping.

  8. What a funny looking little squirrel, but so darn cute. Wonderful photos! Don't you just love what nature brings us?

  9. I love the hummingbird photos. Thanks for posting them.

  10. Love the colors on the hummers--your camera captured them perfectly! I guess you survive as a ground squirrel in the desert by going stealth & by being persistent! I hope there's food in the squirrel feeder today!

  11. What a cute little guy. Love the hummingbird shots...they are gorgeous!

  12. That little squirrel was sure persistent.

  13. The little devils sure can eat a lot of seeds in a hurry too, but they are fun.


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