Thursday, March 13, 2014

Family Visit - 2 of 3 - Night time photos

The nights at the Hot Springs LTVA were nice because the winds had calmed down and the temps were lower.  After we were all sprayed with bug spray, the mosquitoes didn't bother us, either.

The first night I cooked lasagna and made garlic bread and salad.  The boys had spaghetti with melted butter and Parmesan cheese on the top.  Tom did the rest of the cooking all weekend.  He's a good cook and great on the grill, so we were all very well fed.

Nights were spent cooking and eating and talking around the fire.  And of course, S'mores!  The kids brought a folding fire pit; it's in sections that are attached and it just folds up into one square to store.  Pretty nifty!

Tom and Trish getting the burgers for the kids grilled:

Trish snapping a picture of the sunset.  Can you see the dogs sitting on chairs, both watching Tom getting food out of the cooler?  I just noticed that.  :)

Tom in his camp kitchen - without a pop-up top - heavy winds during the day made us remove it.

While Tom was grilling the burgers for the kids, he got out some of his homemade Sushi and grilled Linguica for us to snack on.  I'm not a sushi person, but I loved the Linguica.  I had gotten some chips and the makings for our special homemade onion dip which we always have when we're together, and also hard boiled some eggs for deviled eggs to have as Hors d'oeuvres.  I totally forget them both and didn't even prepare them.  :(  I was so distracted all weekend, I think I had temporary ADHD. 

This is the folding fire pit.  (...and Trish's Uggs.)

We had two boxes of wood and two wood bundles, so plenty of wood for two nights' fires.  We used it all, though.

It was a bright, crackling fire - and at one point when Gavin was walking by in his PJs, a big piece of burning cinder caught his pants on fire.  He started yelling and jumping around.  Grammy to the rescue!  I ran over and said, Pull your pants down!, and we both tugged them down and he pulled his leg out.  The next day he had a red mark where the cinder was.  Fortunately, Trish buys the kids good fire retardant pajamas.  See the hole in his pajamas below?  The hole was hard around the edges, which must be what the retardant does.  I told him this was a camping memory he'll never forget: caught on fire while camping.  Wow!  Can you imagine what could have happened if he had regular non-fire resistant clothing on and a hot ember caught it on fire?  (Can you tell he was snuggling the dogs?)

S'mores the first night - happy faces!

And filets on the grill the second night - happy Grammy!

Graydin is pretty enthusiastic about his burger!

And Gavin with his S'more. He cooked his marshmallows two-at-a time and put both marshmallows in the S'more.  Then he had a second one.  Unfortunately, his request for a third was denied.  Geez, I could only eat one, waaaay too sweet, even for this sugar lover.  I guess I'm finally an adult.

Here's Kennedy on her i-Phone.  She is the grandkiddle with the Touched by Charms jewelry business, and she spent some time on the phone (probably not on the business, I'd guess!).

And that's all I have for night time photos.  Tomorrow I'll post the photos from the Hot Springs.  The kids actually swam in the Oasis, too. 

From me and Katie, have a great Thursday!  :)


  1. Wow, you all had a wonderful time, burned hole in pants and all. Family get-to-gethers are a lot of fun.

  2. Oh Barbara, I enjoyed reading about your family get together sooooo much !! Thanks for sharing that time with us. Everything and everybody looked great !!

  3. That folding fire pit is so creative! The good time was had by all!

  4. Oh my gosh....what a grand time for everyone!!! That food looks so good it made me hungry just looking!!

  5. Such great happy pictures. You sure have cute grandkids. That fire pit looks like a great idea.

  6. What a wonderful visit! I'm glad Gavin didn't get burned badly. I'm surprised he didn't stop, drop and roll...that's what they teach the kids in school here. Probably too freaked out...I would be too!

  7. Beautiful and memorable pix of the kids on this camping trip. The food looks fantastic; the campers look happy; one camper has a lifetime memory right on his pj leg. Great fire retardant.


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