Friday, July 11, 2014

Last post from Storrie Lake

Katie and I are on our way out of town after completing the 20-hours of service oil change necessary for our new generator warranty.  I'll post about that next time, and I have a really good place in Santa Fe to recommend for RV repairs.

In the meantime, I have a few photos left from Storrie Lake State Park and wanted to post them.

Not a lot of bird sighting this time, but there were a lot of Western Kingbirds nesting.  One morning John was photographing two babies "branch hopping" as he called it.  They can't fly yet, so they are hopping around in the tree where they were hatched. I nabbed a few photos of them, too, for the blog.  They are very fluffy and soft looking.  These are the two babies I saw:

Here's the mom, keeping watch - she was flying around and chirping, very upset that we were there right under her babies:

Here's another one on the water pump in our site - or is it a Say's Phoebe?

I knew right away when Jeanne took down her hummingbird feeders, because all of a sudden I had some hummers visit my feeders.  She's had a lot of the tiny visitors, but I haven't had a lot of luck with hummers here.  All of a sudden, they were visiting and I did get a couple of shots of the little female below.  Because of the storm the night before, I took the feeders off the windows and put them on the table in the shelter.  They got more action there:

And there was a steer in the campsite across from us:

A young wanna-be roper was trying to lasso him with the rope.  Too cute!

And here's Katie, relaxing in her bed on the couch:

Here's a shot of our four rigs, mine, Jeanne's, John's, and Annie's, that I took on one of our walks.  All in a row.  :)

Yesterday Katie and I went into town to gas up the truck, get propane, do laundry and shop at Wal-mart.  When we got back, Nancy came over for a last visit.  Katie, of course, was wiggly with  delight.  Look at that tail wagging - she's seriously planning her next licking attack:

We were up and gone by 8:30 for our 11:00 appointment in Santa Fe.   Afterwards we stopped at a Petco for Katie to get her nails clipped.  I shot a photo through the glass of the grooming area from inside the store so she wouldn't see me.  What a face!  She looks like her world has ended.  But she is always really good, stands still and behaves.  The technician said she was a little cutie-pie.

We're in a Wal-Mart parking lot about 30 minutes north of Santa Fe.  We'll stay here overnight before heading further north tomorrow morning. It's raining a bit, and we've had lots of thunder and lightening:

Next State Park:   Heron Lake!

From me and Katie, have a great Friday evening, everyone!  :)


  1. You did a great job getting the pictures of the Hummingbirds!!! They don't stand still :-)
    That looks like a wicked storm approaching...hope it looked worse than it was!!!
    Katie sure loves to give those kisses...what excitement!!!!

  2. What lovely shots of the Western Kingbird! They are adorable. I haven't been writing comments, but I have been reading your blog. Glad you got your new generator and I hope you have the best of luck with using it. Glad you didn't suffer any damage from the hail storm. Safe travels to your next location where I hope you have plenty birds to take photos of. Will be able to comment more now that we are settled in with our summer travels! Sometimes, it all depends on how good our internet connection is!

  3. Great shots of the lightning, but a bit too close for comfort!

  4. Wonderful shot of all your RV's! Good times!

  5. Enjoy Heron Lake! Tell Lance the camphost HI!

  6. How is Katie with the thunder and lightning? Oliver is petrified and now has taught Olivia to be afraid. Now they both shake and want cuddled.

  7. WOW, what a shot of the lightning!! Nice! Loved seeing the artwork in your Palms!!

  8. Maggie is just like Katie... She hates things like that and bath time
    She will hold still and be a good girl what ever is being done..
    All the while with this Hangdog sad sack face....

  9. Wonderful photos! I especially like the lightening...I never catch it.

    Safe travels!

  10. Cool getting those lightning pics, I can never get them!!

  11. Hi! My name is Marianne, and my husband and I are interested in doing some camping at Storrie Lake. We are newbies to the camping scene and want to explore NM as much as possible. I was doing some research and came across your posts! Very interesting! I see you were just there and was wondering if you could tell me how you would rate the park overall? How was the temp while you were there? Thank you and enjoy your travels!

  12. Glad you got the generator service done and got on your way. I may want that RV shop name - need to work on my geni. Sure was great all of us being at Storrie. What a great spot!
    See you soon,


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