Thursday, July 10, 2014

Taking a little walk

Jeanne and Annie and I have been walking the dogs every day, and we've added another walker, Renee - with her two dogs, Harley and Cole.  The five dogs get along so well, and its fun to watch them together.  Here they are walking down to the bridge:

There are frequent stops for kissing, sniffing, peeing and pooping, as well as some grass eating thrown in:

Our walks aren't fast or non-stop, but we sure have a good time.  Here they are waiting for me and Katie when I stopped to get some bird photos:

Sometimes the dogs all spread out, and sometimes they bunch up together; here's Annie and Renee and all the dogs with Riley taking the lead:

We met up with a huge frog, too, but he's seen better days.  Meet Flat Stanley:

We say hello to him every day when we pass.  You can see how large he is in this photo with Riley - don't worry, we just called him over for perspective - he didn't touch the frog:

When we got to the end of the road by the almost empty river onTuesday, there was a rig in the turn-around, and the woman came out with her 3-year-old dog, Mickey, who was so happy to see other dogs.  Our dogs all liked him too, and there was much sniffing and wiggling and tail wagging going on.

The dogs wandered around for a bit while the people chatted, then we gathered them all up again and headed back down to our campsites.

Some walks are more interesting than others, and this was a really nice walk for us all with the addition of Renee, Harley, Cole, and then Mickey and his mom.

From me and Katie, have a great Thursday, everyone!  :)


  1. I like dogs (have three Shih-Tzu dogs) and most dog owners. Our pups are our kids and they sure are spoiled.

  2. I can't even imagine either one of our girls getting along well enough with the others for us to walk like that. But I bet it does make for some good times.

    1. Sandie - Katie was a real bear with the other dogs until they were all on a leash and walking away from The Palms. There's something about other dogs near our home that gets Katie jealous. It also took a little time for her to get used to them, but by the time Renee arrived with her two dogs, Katie was fine with them right away.

  3. A 'dog' day :) eeww, for the poor old frog... bad day for him!!

  4. What a fun day for dogs and humans. Hope Katie's paw is going better.


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