Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Osprey at Heron Lake State Park

As were were leaving Heron Lake State Park, I noticed an Osprey nest on the left side of the road, high up on a pole.  I took tons of photos before we moved on. It sure is nice to have a good zoom lens on my camera.  I didn't get anthing like these when I was at Heron Lake two years ago.

Aren't they beautiful?  I'm assuming there are babies in there, but I didn't see any.

They both kept turning their heads, on the lookout for danger or any little old ladies taking their picture.

When we got to the Visitors Center I decided to stop and ask about the Verizon tower, and also get some photos of the Osprey nest behind the center.  They have two "spotting scopes" set up so you can get a good look at the mom and babies in the nest.  This sign has information about the birds.

Since I have a good zoom, I went outside and took some closeups of them.  The mom was constantly scanning the area, and the baby was moving around a lot.  It would lay down, stand up, stretch, etc.  I think there were two youngsters in the nest, but only the one on the right was moving.  Maybe the other one was asleep?

I'm glad I stopped to get the photos!

Below is a royalty-free photo I found on the web showing how beautiful Ospreys are in flight.  Look at the concentration in his eyes - and his talons!  I sure wouldn't want to be his prey!

And so we left Heron Lake.  (sad face)   I got some good photos driving back to Santa Fe, though, and will post them next time.   It's a beautiful drive!

WELCOME to two new Followers, Janet David and "Unknown," who are at the end of the list of new Followers.  No photos and no information, so I can't pass anything on to you.  Katie and I are happy to have you both following along with us - Welcome Aboard!

From me and Katie, have a great Wednesday, everyone!  :)


  1. Magnificent creatures! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. Gorgeous pictures. Those talons do a really good job of spearing those fish for dinner.

  3. I am sure those talons catch more fish than most do with a pole and tackle! Great photos.

  4. Hi there. If I am your new follower maybe I should introduce my self. I am Jeanette, recently retired and can't wait for hubby to retire so we can travel in our caravan full-time. That will be a few years so I am enjoying other people's travels. We live in Australia so while I closely follow Aussie blogs I am finding yours so interesting. My son will be working in the US next year with our Air force so I am looking at our budget to see if we could could hire an RV and go visit some of your absolutely amazing camp sites. In the meantime I'll just keep dreaming and thouroughly enjoying your blog.

  5. FANTASTIC pics!!! Your camera sure does a great job zooming in!! Those talons are amazing...I wouldn't think anything could escape that grip!!!
    Safe travels :-)

  6. Beautiful birds, aren't they? Great shots!

  7. Good job getting those gorgeous photos!

  8. Those are great pictures of the osprey and the nest.


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