Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Gorgeous Osprey

Here's another large bird sitting on top of one of the light poles.  He's a Hawk, I think, but I'm not even sure about that an OSPREY (Thanks Sharon, of The Odd Essay!).  There are two different kinds that I found in my birder book, and I'm not sure which he is.  Look at those big eyes.  After reading Sharon's comment that I should check my book for "Osprey," I could see he's exactly like the photos in my book.  I'm even more excited about seeing this beautiful Osprey up close!

OMG I love getting good clear photos of these powerful birds!  If you're a birder and know what this bird is, please leave a comment.  Maybe it's not even a hawk.  He looks like a great hunter.

On a more delicate note, there are also a lot of beautiful flowering bushes here - the flowers below are pretty subtle and I walked past this bush many times without noticing it.  Then I was looking through it the other day when I was following the Roadrunner around, and noticed the tiny flowers on this delicate bush:

There are so many good bird sightings here. I can see this Great Blue Heron right down from my site - he's usually there in the morning,and then later in the afternoon if there are no people in that area.  He's very intent on the water, looking for his next meal, I'm sure.

One of our newest Followers, Motorhomes N Muttskeys, let me know through a comment that she has a brand new blog - the first post shows her trip home after picking up her new motorhome - a 2000 24' Gulf Stream Conquest with a rear kitchen (sounds like The Palms).   I enjoyed your first post!  Check out her new blog - it's so nice to start following a blogger right from the beginning.

From me and Katie, have a great Monday, everybody!  :)


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    1. YES! You are exactly right - it IS an Osprey. I would never have looked under that name. I think I saw one in flight once, but not perched like this. Thank you!!! :)

  2. The hawk(?) is certainly a beautiful bird!

  3. Ospreys are mostly fish eaters! Gorgeous photos!

  4. Even with my zoom, I can't get that good of a picture. They never sit still long enough for me.

  5. Love your photos Barbara. The desert never ceases to amae me.

  6. Great pictures Barbara, hope to see you again this year.


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