Friday, September 26, 2014

Alive and Well - at LAST! ...and more Roadrunners!

We are back to normal.  As far as I know everything related to my death has been corrected, reversed, re-instated and re-deposited.  What a mess that was!  Hopefully nothing else will pop up from now on.

Our part finally came in from Forrest River, and Camping World told me to be in their parking lot at 8:00 am Tuesday morning and they would take me first thing, and that's just what they did.  An hour later we were on the road.  They greatly reduced my labor charge and didn't charge me for any shipping, so they were very generous as far as my bill went.  Really, really nice people there in the service department.  I wouldn't hesitate to go back for service in the future. 

Katie and I are back at Elephant Butte Lake State Park - it's been really nice for the last few days, just unloading the chairs and stroller and dog fence gives us more room in The Palms, and makes things seem homier.  And knowing we can stay here for two whole weeks, that's really nice.  We've had three solid weeks of moving around from parking lot to parking lot, and it was getting a little tiring.  So, it feels like we're home!

And the great bird photos I've gotten since we've been here!  In the last few days I've gotten some nice photos without really even trying, except for the Roadrunner.  I did kind of follow him around for a while and talked to him.  Whenever I made little clicking sounds, he talked to me. 

And Mellow Mike?  I finally have a contender for the next Roadrunner Photo Contest.  I love this first photo - it looks like he's saying, "Dear God, please make her stop following me around?"

This little guy was really talking back to me!  I have some other good photos of other birds that I'll post over the next few days.  It's so nice to get back to normal, that's for sure.

From me and Katie, have a great Friday, everyone!   :)


  1. What great pictures!! What kind of camera do you use. My old box camera couldn't take pictures like those. Remember the old box cameras? Am I giving away my age? Glad you came back from the dead. A good story for the upcoming Halloween. You can sit around the campfire and tell how you came back from the dead. . .

  2. Does this mean you are actually youinger since you missed that time Social Security took away from you?

  3. Boy he really was yelling at you to get lost. I do love bird pictures but I get so excited that I often miss the shot entirely. I vote for picture 1to enter in the next contest. So glad that you have rejoined the living. Karen

  4. So glad you survived your death, not many can say that.
    Roadrunners are very trainable. A bit of hamburger at the same time every day and they'll soon be eating out of your hand.

  5. I'm so very glad that you are back in operation, with the possible exception of your foot! So very glad that Camping world treated you like a royal customer, and the roadrunner photos are fab!

  6. I think that that first one is a winner too. Welcome back to the living.

  7. So happy your are alive and all is going well again. I wonder how many people have suffered from this SS mess of being thrown out of the computer to the dead file.

    You really captured the colors of the roadrunner.

  8. I've heard stories about roadrunners and hamburger bits. They are apparently quite the creature of habit for a known source of food. A neighbor told the story of one that was in the neighborhood years ago, and one of the residents gave him a raw meatball every afternoon at three o'clock. When she went on vacation, a neighbor was supposed to fill in for her. But she was LATE one afternoon, and the roadrunner let her know of her transgression!

    Virtual hugs,


  9. Good to hear that you've got all the issues straightened out and can get back to travelling as you like.

    Great photos of the road runner, the first is terrific!

  10. Whew! What a headache--so glad you've been resurrected! Amazingly cool roadrunner photos--such funny birds! Happy travels!


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