Monday, August 29, 2016

Kissed by a bull - or I should say, Slobbered On!

Well, actually not me, but The Palms.  When I woke up this morning and brought Katie out for her morning walk, I went to the truck hood to check underneath and make sure we didn't have any critter visitors during the night.  There was muddy slobber swiped on the corner of the hood, with short, straight black hairs stuck to it.  When I went back out to clean it off, I noticed it went all across the front edge of the hood and the other corner had been blessed by the cow's visit, too.  

And there was dried slobber on my chrome bumper.  Were they scratching their heads on the corners of the truck hood?  Or leaving kisses for me and Katie?

There were hoof prints in the dry dirt around the front of The Palms, and deep prints in the mud on the road next to us.

I really wish I was awake when they came by this morning.  I haven't seen them that close to The Palms, usually they are behind a fenced-off area, or out in the field next to us.  But it was nice to know they had been by.  And also that they didn't dent the truck!

Pretty exciting, huh?

From me and Katie, have a great week, everyone!   ❤❤


  1. Very cool! The ones that go by our house are on the other side of a fmsy fence. The deer just hop over it. The other animals just go under it. Cows just munch the mesquite trees and then walk on by.

  2. I could do without the slobber but I'm glad they didn't damage anything.

  3. I could do without the slobber but I'm glad they didn't damage anything.

  4. Nice to have the friendly cattle come over to welcome you there, guess they like you.

  5. Aside from the slobber you sure have a beautiful spot.

  6. Too funny! My family raised cattle. They can really sling slobber too!

    Maybe off topic but I've noticed grocery store labeling of beef with "Angus". I'd like to know what's up with that. Seems like a big marketing ploy to me. We raised Angus and Hereford - the black and the red ones shown in your photos. Pretty sure they all wind up in the same grinder.

    Guess I'll look it up. I have a thing about manipulation. Ticks me off.

  7. When I was first married we lived on a small ranch and raised cattle as well as worked city jobs. Seeing these pictures reminds me of those days when I would go walking across the back 40 with my dogs and the cows would just watch but never bothered me. However, one day we got a new bull. When he tried to push my truck over (exaggerating) I no longer walked the fields. That was my country life in Louisiana. All my Texas life has been the big city.

  8. Barb.Did you receive my "comment " just testing to see if it(comment )
    was transmitted.
    Bob C.

  9. Great photos!!!! I love cows!!! Glad to hear you and Katie are doing well!!x


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