Sunday, September 18, 2011

Last post from Hood Park, WA

WELCOME to our newest Follower, Texcyn!   According to her "About Me" (she doesn't list a blog), she shows dogs, and has an RV that she uses mostly to travel back and forth to the dog shows.  Hopefully more RV travels are in her future. Texcyn, Welcome Aboard, we're happy to have you following along with us! :)

On Friday we moved over one site. The one we were in had already been reserved for this weekend, but the one next to us was vacant, so we were lucky.  We had to leave our site by noon, and couldn't check into the new one until 2 pm, so we had a couple of hours to kill.

Around 11 am, I unhooked the electric, put things away for traveling and went into town again for a few errands.   We needed propane, so we got that filled up.  We were about 1/4 down on the gas tank, so I topped that off, now we don't have to stop on our way out.  Coffeemate - completely out - stopped at Albertson's for that and a few other things.  I got a huge artichoke, which was my dinner last night - it was soooo good!

I have an offer on my condo.  It's a little low, but all cash.  My realtors e-mailed me the offer, I printed it out, signed everything, and went to the Post Office to send it back by overnight mail.  As you might remember, this will be a short sale, so my mortgage company will have to approve the sale.   If they DO, that will be great.  If they DON'T, then we'll know what they will accept, and that will determine our next steps.  We'll see what happens.

When we drove back into the park, there was a sign saying "No Vacancies."   There were lots of boats and fishermen here this weekend; there's only one more weekend before the park closes for the year.  This morning (Sunday), many rigs pulled out, so the park feels much more open again. 

Yesterday was WINDY, and we had some rain, and more last night.  Not a lot, but I could definitely hear it on the roof.  Exciting!!!  I've been waiting for rain.  Now, today, it's again calm, warm, the sun's out, and we're back to nice weather. As much as I'm looking forward to the rain, I'm sure the campers here, especially those in tents, would prefer dry weather, so I'll be happy for them that we have such nice weather.   Hopefully all the kids in tents enjoyed the exciting rain and wind last night, though.

 New view from my dinette window

New view from my couch window 

Friday a huge toy hauler rig pulled in and completely blocked my view of the lake - they pulled out this morning, and this is now my beautiful view.  That's the lake between the trees.  That's why I like weekdays better.  :)

Tomorrow we are leaving Hood Park.   I've really enjoyed this campground., but our two weeks are up.  It's so clean, quiet, and well taken care of.  Lush lawns, nice campsites, etc.  The next campground, I think, will still be in Washington State.  There are two I'm interested in, both closer to the Idaho border. There are no reservations in these campgrounds, so we'll just wing it.  If they are full, we'll just keep going.  Since tomorrow is a Monday, I'm thinking we won't have a problem getting a site.

From Me and My Dog, have a great Sunday, everyone!  :)


  1. Hi, Your blog has not been showing up in my reading list, so I clicked on your blog from a comment on another blog today and see that you are still blogging, will have to go back and catch up. I am going to click on "follow" again today and see if this helps.

  2. What a pretty place. Hope your next stop is just as nice.
    Travel On. Be Safe

  3. Thanks for the welcome. I love reading your blog, it covers what I really like to read - all about rving on your own, camping, life with traveling with your little dog, etc.
    One day, I might get my blog started, but give me time, I've only been a member since 2008

    Oh & congrats on the offer on the condo - I hope it all works out for you!

  4. One of the things I'm really looking forward to once I'm on the road is the sound of rain on the RV roof. :)

  5. OK, you gave me the kick in the bottom that I needed, I got my blog finally started. Thanks!

  6. That's good news about the condo. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.


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