Sunday, September 25, 2011

Four more days in Glenns Ferry, ID

I decided to pay for four more days here at Three Island Crossing State Park in Glenns Ferry, Idaho.  A lot of people are leaving today, so it will be a quiet week and the cost will be half price from Monday through Thursday, and then we'll leave on Friday around 1:00 - the check-out time.  I'll do some laundry and shopping somewhere along the way,  and then drive to the nearest Walmart or Rest Area on Friday evening to spend the night.

Katie is back to normal.  Thank you for the nice comments hoping she's better soon.  It took a while this time, she hasn't been eating much, but did have some food yesterday and today she is hungry and full of energy, so I think she's feeling fine.  Next time we're near a PetSmart, I'm going to see if their vet can give me something for motion sickness for her and we'll see if that takes care of the problem.  She's been pretty mopey, looks at me with such sad eyes, I knew her tummy wasn't feeling good.  Thank goodness she's her old self again!

Yeaaa, she's eating again.

When my neighbor in the next site was packing up to leave, Katie and I were just getting back from our walk, and he came over and knocked on my door.  He's from California, too, the Stockton/Lodi area, but he moved his family to Idaho and they love it here.  

He told me he and his wife were talking about how much they admire my courage, being able to drive an RV and traveling by myself.  That was really nice of him to say, and I realized I don't even think about it as having courage anymore.  In the beginning I did, I tried really hard not to have any fear about this adventure I was undertaking, just to go with the flow and enjoy it.  Now, after four months, it feels pretty normal, and that's a good thing.  And since I have Katie with me, I don't feel like I'm traveling alone. 

This is a tree outside the restroom/shower building - isn't it pretty?  It has long vines instead of branches.  I looked at it up close and inside the vines, and it looked kind of like grape vines.  Very different and pretty.

Katie and I took a longer than usual walk today, since she's feeling good again.  We went up the hill to the upper loop of RV sites.  It was an easier walk than I thought it would be.  Losing 25 pounds in the last few years and walking so much every day since we've been on the road is making a big difference in my stamina.

There is a golf course next door to the RV park, and they were having some sort of car show today.

A helicopter buzzed over us and landed at the golf course, then buzzed over us again.   It looks like a private helicopter - I wondered if a rich and famous person was attending their function.  But now, a couple of hours later, it's back and making many trips around the area and landing again.  They must be giving helicopter rides today.

While taking our walk, this guy had Katie's attention.  She sniffed it, and I got close to snap a photo, but he just kept walking.  He has wings, but just kept walking.  He's pretty big, some kind of beetle.  Can you see him in the rocks?  When Katie notices a bug, she gets really close to it, probably to see if it's edible, and usually jumps back quickly when it moves. 

I know they have deer here because some of the younger trees are wrapped in wire, but I sure haven't seen any.  That beetle and swarms of little flying gnats are about all I've seen since we've been here.  A few birds, there were some doves yesterday cooing nearby.

 Rate Page

 Companion Site

 Another companion site

I haven't seen this kind of site in the other parks we've stayed in.  It's a double site with two tables, two water faucets and two electrical hook-ups.  It works out to only $20 per rig if you have two people paying for it.  There are quite a few of them, and when I came in I asked if people can reserve a companion site and just pay half, and have someone else come in an pay for the other half.  He said no, if I reserved it, I would pay the entire $40.28. 

It doesn't seem like a good plan to me.  How many people travel in pairs or groups?  I know some do, but you can reserve sites in advance that are next to each other.  Having companion sites eliminates them for single RVers, unless you want to pay the premium.  Surprisingly, there were quite a few occupied while I've been here.  A 1965 High School Reunion was going on when I got here and they had a few of them next to each other.  A couple of families have reserved a few. But for the most part, the single sites are being used, and many of the companion sites are not.

There are also some cabins:

I peeked into the windows when they were empty, and they are pretty bare.  Bunk beds, a couch, table and chairs and not much else. I guess when a camper moves in, though, they look more homey, and they'd be a good thing for people who don't RV and don't want to tent camp.  They have A/C and heat, no water.  They have picnic tables and water hook-ups that are the same as the RV sites. Nice looking little cabins.

It's going to be a quiet Sunday for me and Katie, other than taking some good walks.  Most of the RVs on this lower loop are gone, only a few are still here.

From Me and My Dog, have a great Sunday, everyone!  :)


  1. are really getting around aren't you? That's great. I'm so envious...

    Also glad to hear your puppy feels better. She's a good companion isn't she.

    I'll be popping in to check on you. If I can't be out there on the road, I have to live vicariously through others who are.

    Til next time ~Tricia

  2. Your blog is so interesting. Th e park you are at looks very inviting and peaceful. Thats what I'll be looking for when I finally get out again. My rv should be out of the repair shop on Monday and I'll be heading to PA to see my kids and grands, just as soon as i can get it loaded up.

    Glad your dog is feeling better. I know there is something for them for travel sickness, but can't remember the name of the product right now.

    Glad you are having a good time on the road. Helps to know someone else in the same circumstances is doing what I want to do, and gives me confidence I can do it too.

  3. We are sure enjoying your blog.

    We also admire the positive changes you have made, I bet you feel great.

    We were first attracted to your blog, because you are doing this in a Class C. Same as us.

    We are going to be first time Snowbirds this winter, and we are so excited !!

    We are the couple that bought FroggiDonna's rig, nicknamed the Lilypad.

    We wish you all the best, and would love to bump into you one day on the road.

    Sincerely, Trent and Teresa

  4. Glad to hear that Katie is doing better! Give her a hug & cookie for me. :-) Neat place, it woudl be fun to share one of those sites with an RVing friend.

  5. When we travel between our PA and DE homes, we take our four housecats with us. Three of the cats are excellent travelers. One of them gets so upset and so sick. After talking with our vet, she phoned in a prescription for motion sickness to the local Walmart. What a difference this has made! Buddy C only takes 1/4 of the pill at a time. This last trip home, he curled up in a ball in his crate and slept the whole way home. Maybe something like this could help your Katie. Best wishes!

  6. That looks like a great park, and such a bargain. Glad to hear Katie is feeling better. She is such a sweet heart. We just fell in love with her...and you too of course LOL!!

    Not sure what is going on but on my blog roll, I am not getting your updates. Shows your last post as of 3 weeks ago. Guess that's why I haven't been keeping up with you! I even checked to make sure I was still a follower so don't know what's going on. I may "unfollow" you and then try it again and see if it helps. If you see me delete you, that's why - it's not permanent!!

  7. I am not getting your bog updates either, It says three weeks ago,wonder what is wrong with blogger. Yours is not the only one doing that,
    How are you doing not having a tow car?
    Do you have trouble getting into a PO to get your mail?

  8. Glad to hear Katie is doing well. I have been taking Fred out but he doesn't stay still. I had to buy a pet taxi but he sure doesn't like that much. But driving threw the Canyon I can't have him roaming all over the car its to dangerous. Going take him out more in the kennel so he can get used to it.

    I really like that park your in. The cabins remind me of the ones in KOA campgrounds.

    Have fun stay safe.

  9. Just like several others mentioned, I am not getting any of your updates since August. I've already done the unlink and linkup again a couple of times--sorry--but it didn't help. This is the only blog of about 60 that is doing that. You might contact Rick and see if he has any ideas on what might be wrong because it appears to be on your end and we certainly don't want to lose such a great blog. I really look forward to each post.

  10. Well, you said that you wanted me to comment :) I know what you mean about people thinking it is odd or strange that a woman would be a solo RVer. My current coach is 34' long. I have a Ford Explorer toad, making me 57' long. It drives just as easy as just driving the Explorer. I can hitch and unhitch my toad in 5 min flat, back into my site- in one go- then get out and pull the toad in. Huge advantage of a toad that is 4-down.


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