Thursday, September 15, 2011

Full Moon at Hood Park

WELCOME to our new follower, Sunny, who has a very interesting life, but she recently lost her husband, and is now changing lanes, hence the name of her new blog, Sunny is Changing Lanes.  In August she purchased a 20' 1989 Chevy Winnebago RV in immaculate condition, and she and her dog, Izzy, have already completed  their first camping trip.  Welcome, Sunny, I'm glad you're following along with us and I look forward to following you, too. : )

Katie with her chew toy - she loves these things.

I went outside to take a photo of The Palms in front of the full moon last night, and it was soooo dark outside.  We are always inside and buttoned up by dark, so I didn't realize how few lamp posts there are.

Full moon over The Palms

We had some good wind last night, I heard the tree tops moving in the wind, and thought it was raining.  It's pretty windy outside on and off today, and the weather report says we may get a little rain, I hope so.

Yesterday on our walk I tried again to get Katie to go into the water.  I wonder if she can swim, or would enjoy going into the water, but she's really apprehensive when we go near any water.  Unfortunately the last photo is blurry, but it may be the best one I'll get of her feet, at least, in the water.

 She's curious, but not sure.
Mom says it's I'll try it.
I don't think so - cold, wet - this is enough.

I was happy she at least put all four feet in the water, but she wasn't going to do more.  When she walked out I told her what a good girl she was, and she walked away with a wagging tail.  

I thought all dogs could swim, but Chihuahuas have such skinny legs, can they swim?

I'm hearing from some followers that I'm not coming up on their "Blogs I Follow" list.  Last week when I tried to get into my Design area to write a new post, Norton came up with a window that said my blog was not a safe website, and I had to click on a link to override Norton to actually get into it.  That was pretty weird, and I sent them a message saying it's MY website, and I KNOW it's safe.  At least I assume Blogger is safe.  I'm not getting that pop-up Norton window any more, but it came up for a couple of days.

Is anyone else getting these strange messages or having problems with Blogger?

From Me and My Dog, have a great Thursday, everyone!  :)


  1. I came to do some reading on your blog tonight and I found such a warm welcome! How wonderful, thank-you!

  2. You didn't come up on my list either. I had to go looking for you!

    My goodness Katie, what big teeth you have. And what a big girl you are to get all four feet in the water. Good for you.

  3. Fun post Katie might get in there one day. I really like it then you will also have a very wet Katie. :)

    Now that your telling me the norton said you are not safe I wonder if norton isn't my problem to. But I don't get a pop up. If my system is shut down I have to go in and redo the passwords again. I have had 13 new passwords in 7 days. One of the bloggers Erik said he would talk me through a fix he at least hopes so. If it happens again I will send him an e-mail and I will let you know if it worked just in case you need help.

    Have a great day.

  4. You know about my Blogger problems already - it appears as though you haven't posted in 2 weeks.

    Katie is so funny! Doris (chihuahua mix) can swim but chooses not to.

    If you have clear skies tonight, look for Jupiter shining brightly near the moon after the moon rises. Should be a stunning sight!

  5. Yep, I'm having the same problem, it looks like u haven't posted for weeks. I can find u when I look for u but the new posts don't come up...and ur not the only one...Judy and Emma aren't showing up either. I don't have a clue how to go about correcting it but will check Norton cause I have that too. But I've had it all along and just recently started having these problems. So, if u find out anything please do let us know. I sure enjoy ur's nice to "ride" along with u.

  6. Now really? Katie didn't have her swimsuit on! She didn't want to get caught trying to swim in her little pink dress! A girl must have her pride ya'know... ;-)

  7. Your story is very interesting and entertaining. And your planning is very useful for others. Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Blogger is just sucking all the fun right out of it with all the hoops we have to go are on my blog shows you haven't posted in two weeks...thought I would just check in just in case and here you are with lots of new posts...i do have norton also but haven't had any problems with that yet...


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