Thursday, September 29, 2011

Leaving tomorrow - Heading toward Utah

WELCOME to two new followers!  First, Peter, who is at the end of my followers list because he doesn't have a photo.  I was checking to make sure I wasn't missing anyone, and there he was!  I'm guessing you don't have a blog because nothing is listed.  Welcome Peter, I'm glad you are following along with us! :)

Also welcome to Mark who has a blog called, "The world according to Mark and Amos" (his dog).  Mark doesn't say much about himself, and he doesn't say anything about being an RVer.  Maybe he has a plan???  Welcome, Mark, we're happy to have you along. :)

Yesterday during a walk, Katie started running onto the lawn after this little guy, who ran up a tree:

 Isn't he darling?
Idaho Squirrel

There is a river nearby, and last evening Katie and I finally walked over to it.  It was a much easier walk than I thought it would be.  We didn't actually walk to the water, though.  I originally went that way trying to get a good sunset photo (didn't happen), and just kept walking.  One of my fellow campers said there are deer in the fields behind the RVs, he saw a big buck, so I was hoping to see some and get photos, but there weren't any there when we walked that way.

It was starting to get dark, and night comes really fast here - all of a sudden it's dark.  I didn't want to get caught out on a path going through brush in the dark with no flashlight, so we turned around and headed back to camp before we made it to the river.  I am still kind of creeped out about snakes after seeing that snake sign in the Rest Area we stopped at on the way here.  So, we're walking along and I'm thinking about snakes, and as I look down I see this:

 It's a twig, doesn't it look like a snake? See the head?

Scared the heck out of me! I almost stepped on it.

A couple of these trucks have dropped off sod this week. They're adding lawn to the area in front of the cabins.  The work is almost done, and it looks really  nice.  There are duck hunters renting the cabins during the season, so they are getting the cabins ready.

 Katie can curl up into a pretty small ball.  :)

This is Katie snuggled up ready for sleep. 
It's been getting cold during the night.

I'm expecting a phone call tomorrow morning from the library people again to help me download audio books - the last time it didn't work.  Since I'm leaving tomorrow, I decided to go into town today to do laundry, and then drove up to Meadow Home, backtracking about a half hour, to the nearest Walmart.  It's the biggest grocery store I could find, so I drove back there and was able to get everything I needed.

We have a full tank, clean clothes, clean sheets, and stocked cupboards, fridge and freezer - so after my phone call I'll be ready to go.  Check out time here is 1:00, which is really nice, and I'm getting excited about moving on.

I've had really nice neighbors all week, Tom and Maurene.  I was telling Tom about my water pressure regulator going out, and he said he noticed that morning that I didn't have one and was worried about it, so he gave me one of his extras.  That was so nice of him, I was worried about it, too, after reading some of the stories about pipes breaking and causing damage inside RVs with water pressure surges, especially during the night.  So now I'm back in business, and I'm going to get a spare to keep on board just in case.  Thanks, Tom!  I hope you guys had a good trip home!

This week I backed my blog up on WordPress.  I'm thinking seriously about moving it over, using my own domain name and paying for a hosting site.  From what I have been reading bluehost seems to be a recommended company, and it is only $5.95 a month.  To have more control over my blog, it would be worth it to pay that little bit each month. I have step by step instructions that tell you how to move a Blogger account over to WordPress, moving posts, comments, blogroll and Followers.  I like the little Gadgets I have on my blog, and I don't know if they would work on WordPress, but if I can't bring them along, it would be okay.  I would at least be able to control my blog without all the issues I'm having with Blogger.  I still can't get into my dashboard with IE or Chrome, and can't use some things in Firefox. This has been going on for more than a month.

Anyway, at least I have it backed up now, so if Blogger loses it, it won't be gone forever.  I'll let you know if I decide to move it, but you won't have to do anything.

Moving on down the road tomorrow.  Where will we end up???  I'll let you know when I find out.

From Me and My Dog, have a great Thursday evening, everyone!  :)


  1. We sure enjoy your writing and photos. That Katie is a cute gal !

    Safe travels tomorrow, and we will check in with you and see where you ended up...LOL

    Take care...TnT

  2. I am still not getting updates from your blog? Don't know what to do about that but I am still reading and following.

  3. I am now commenting and they just disapear but I am not alone others are having the same trouble some blogs are OK other not.
    Have safe trip.

  4. Safe travels, looking forward to seeing where you end up next! Hope Katie does better on this stretch of highway. Loved the comforter bed you made for her ;)

  5. PS, I'm finally caught up on your blog! I joined a few weeks after your beginning of your new RV lifestyle, so had to go back & read all that from the beginning. It's very exciting!

  6. I just love seeing all the puppy pic you have on your blog.
    I would like to send you my dog's picture with her Halloween outfit, for your puppy pics. If you are interested in receiving her picture, let me know how I can send it to you.
    I hope Katie will enjoy the ride this time. Thank you

  7. I see that you are now in Idaho. I am not sure where though. Maybe you could find a "road map" widget to show your progress...that would be fun to see.

    Sorry you missed my part of Washington :[ I was hoping to see some pictures of my favorite campgrounds. The state parks are mostly pretty nice there.

    Blogger is a butt. I am now on Chrome and it is working for me, they say it is faster than IE. I am going to try Live Writer too as I hear it is better than messing with the blogger posting... takes me forEVER to get the spacing right.

    DO NOT go switch to the new Dynamic Views... you can go on the blogger buzz in you dashboard and try the sample... using your own blog if you want. I bet you won't like it. I switched before trying it and thought I'd NEVER get back to normal.

    I am trying out the new format for the dashboard... but my blog is not switched to the new format.

    Take care and it looks like you may not be back my way until spring? You are still welcome to stay awhile. Spring is not too hot in the desert.

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  8. Russ and I are still not getting updates either...even after unfollowing and then signing up again...weird! But we'll keep following wherever you end up :))

    Katie looks so cute all curled up in the blanket. I bet she would get cold at night. Not something I worry about with our hairy beasts!

  9. If I had more time to figure things out I would switch in a heartbeat...blogger has sucked all the fun out of blogging...way to many problems!..

  10. Your squirrel pictures are fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing. I love reading your adventures, and am sorry to hear of your having so many problems with blogger. I used Google Chrome for a couple days but went back to the regular google, and back to less problems.

  11. Love your blog - came here from my sister Racheal's blog about her and moonbeam. Just wanted to say I would endorse WordPress and BlueHost. I have been using them for 4 years with no complaints.

  12. He was right to be worried about your using the 'city water' plug when you do not have a regulator. If your next one goes bad or gets lost, fill up your fresh water tank and use it until you have another regulator. It's good to use the fresh tank, now and again, to keep the pump working well, and it will save you from blowing your water lines with too much pressure.

    Sheila :)


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