Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our Llama visit

Things have been pretty quiet.  We are still here at Stan Headwall City Park.  We've had quite a few people come in yesterday and today. This whole half of the park is full, and the other half has one side almost full, and the other side completely empty.  Weird, no one parks on the other side. We back up to the creek with lots of bushes and brush and the other side backs up to a road, so I guess that's why.

Katie and I took a walk yesterday, longer than usual. The walking here isn't as good as the park in Oregon, Armitage, where there was a lot of space and really pretty trails.  But right outside this park, across the street, there is a field with llamas.  We went across to see them, I didn't realize llamas are so curious, like cows.  One was especially friendly, and stayed close to the fence most of the time we were there.

 I thought this llama was kind of regal looking, 
it was the friendliest.

 It's fur is stringy, poor thing, I think it needs a bath.

 Checking each other out.

 This guy had a haircut recently, or else it has a different kind of fur.

 Can you say haircut?

 Such a happy face!

There was a man trying to fly a kite in one of the ball fields.  Nice breezes in this area, and it went up well, but kept coming right back down. He just kept trying.  I watched him for a while.

 Kite flyer.

I just downloaded a free app to my Android phone - it's called  Tiny Flashlight + LED.

I keep my flashlights in the cupboard, but I always have my phone with me, up in the bunk or down, so this "flashlight" is very convenient and always nearby.  When I took Katie outside tonight, it was 8:00 and dark outside and I tried it out, it's pretty bright and covers enough ground to be useful. It doesn't project ahead down a trail like a handheld flashlight, but works more like a lantern type light.  It uses the LED light in the camera.  I would recommend it, and the price is right.  : )

One more day here at Stan Headwall Park, and on Monday we'll be on our way.  I'm going to try to use Walmarts and Rest Areas as much as I can as we are heading toward Idaho, then find a campground in Idaho to stay a week or so.

From Me and My Dog, have a nice Labor Day weekend, everyone!  : ) 

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  1. The stringy looking llama is a suri llama, know for it's fiber to hang in locks. Don'tcha just love all the different hair cuts? Depends on how each llamas handles the heat.


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