Thursday, March 27, 2014

Moving from Rockhound to Pancho Villa

I moved on Monday to Pancho Villa State Park, but I wanted to post final photos from Rockhound State Park.  I snapped some photos at the Visitor's Center and we had a couple of gorgeous sunsets that I didn't want to toss into the "not used" file.  Here they are:

Large rocks spelling out the name of the park:

This is the Visitor's Center:

This is the park - there are only 29 spaces, the six on the right are dry camping spots, and the others are hook-ups.  All the spaces have nice views of the valley and mountains.

Here are a couple of our sunsets - the first one was during high winds and lots of sand/dust in the air.

And then the next evening, this gorgeous, clear sunset:

Katie and I arrived at Pancho Villa State Park, just three miles from the US/Mexican border on Monday and pulled into a nice dry camping site.  It turned out we are right next to Trish, the gal who leads the Sundowners group of WINs.  I walked over and was invited to join them, and also participate in the dance lesson after happy hour.  I did both, and had a Merengue dance lesson - thanks Bill!

The next day, Tuesday, the group was driving over to border to The Pink Store in Palomas, Mexico for lunch and a little dancing.  I don't have a passport, and said I couldn't go, but they said you can walk over and get back into the US with just your driver's license, so that's what I did.  It worked out fine, no problems getting back across the border.  They did type my info into their computers, though, so don't try this if you have any outstanding issues connected to your driver's license.

I brought a small camera, but I forgot I took the SD card out of it, and I didn't have much memory left, so I only got two good photos.  So, here are the two photos from inside the Pink Store:

Room with pottery for sale that was right behind my chair in the restaurant:

This is a wall of frogs that was behind our table:

A lot of you have been here and know all about this place - everything is pink, including the outside of the building - hence the name The Pink Store.  Lots more photos on their website.

On Tuesdays they have a special - the first Margarita is free with lunch - so most of us got the freebie.  Lunch was good and reasonably priced, and their water is filtered.  I had some and felt fine, so that was good to know.  I was able to dance a little - I haven't danced in - probably - 20 years, and I did pretty well considering.  We had a small group of WINs, but the LOWs were there, too, and they had a huge group.  The LOWs have an RV park in Deming, nearby, and I guess a lot of their members come every Tuesday for lunch.

It was fun - hopefully I'll get a chance to go back another day.  :)

Today the WINs are out on a road trip to a ghost town/mining camp and tomorrow they are geocaching - these guys keep pretty busy and have a variety of activities.  Non-members can attend some activities to see if they'd like to join the WINs.  They seem like a great group, and it's something to think about, that's for sure!  They are leaving on Friday and if my mail arrives tomorrow, I'll be joining them.

From me and Katie, have a great Thursday, everybody!  :)


  1. I really like the sunset pictures. You did a good job.

  2. It is always fun doing new things with new people. Good for you! I like to be stretched .... a little.

  3. We overnighted at Rockhound in December of 06. It was our very first State Park. Following day we headed on down to Pancho Villa & stayed a week. Lots of history in Columbus & we hung out at the Library for our internet. Many trips to the Pink Store & just fell in love with the place. All the groovy stuff & all the neat-o colors. Kind of like a fantasy land in there. Nice sunset photos:))

  4. Our friends Diana and Phil belong to the WINS and they are always on the go. Very active group. Love your sunset pictures.

  5. We've met some of the WINS and thought they were a great group. Have fun!

  6. Looks like fun! And a fun group to do things with too.

  7. The State Park looks gorgeous Barbara. Oh how I miss those sunsets already !!

  8. I hope to catch up with the WINs sometime this spring in NM. Great group of people and always on the go!

  9. Gorgeous sunset photos! Too many acronyms--WINS? LOWS? What a fun trip across the border!

  10. So glad you like the group. I thought you would when I recommended them to you. Hope to see you down the road if I ever get all this dental work done.

    1. Hi Donna - Yes, they are a good group. Diana T. actually invited me to join some of their outings when I first started RVing and I've just never been in the same place as the WINs. When you said they were are Pancho Villa - that was perfect! And I'm glad I got to see you and Bob there again, too. :)

  11. Very pretty sunset photos Barbara.
    Nothing like a free margarita! Yum.....

  12. Be sure to check out the historical museum right across from Pancho Villa. It is very cool. Also Pancho Villa has a great Visitors Center. Lots of information regarding Pancho Villa's raid of Columbus.

  13. What beautiful sunsets and amazingly beautiful area!!!

  14. The places you travel are so different from my every day here in Houston. I love the views. The WINs sound like a great group to get involved with. Better keep your dancing shoes and your mining boots ready at all times with that group.

  15. Free margarita? WHERE? lol.....your sunset photos are outstanding!

  16. Oh, have fun!!! that always looks like such a FUN group, always doing something....

  17. I just joined and hope to spend the summer in the Pacific Northwest. Fun!


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