Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Moving on again - and Kennedy's Launch Party

On Friday the WINs moved to Leasburg Dam State Park and will be there a few more days.  Katie and I were camped with them for two days at Leasburg, and then decided to continue on by ourselves.  I have a loose itinerary, heading north to other State Parks I especially liked last year, so we are again on our way. 

I didn't take many photos at Leasburg, none worth posting unfortunately; I've gotten some good bird shots here at Percha.  We were here in late April last year, so we're a month earlier right now.  I don't know how the birding will be now, but the Robins are out and singing up a storm this morning.  We are parked along the Rio Grande, but we're above it, so I can't see it from our site, but it's super close.

Katie and I walked down the path going along the river and there is definitely more water than last year.  Thank you, Monsoons! 

There is a small amount of water coming into the river through the pipes below the dam.  Not a lot, but it's something.

I snapped a few bird shots that are below.

Eurasian Collared Dove:

White-winged Doves:

Yellow-rumped Warbler

One of the problems here are the goat heads - I think that's what they call these stickers.  Katie isn't too excited about walking very far because she keeps getting these stuck in her pads.  I've been taking my shoes off outside The Palms and carrying them in to pull out the stickers. 

Can you imagine stepping on these with your bare feet?  Poor Katie!

I'm ordering another little dog stroller like the one along the left sidebar, but I want the 3-wheel style which will be better for off-road walking.  Not only are there lots of stickers, but Katie's ankle keeps swelling, too, like it did last fall.  She'll start out walking just fine, then stop and won't go any further.  I check her ankle and it's swollen.  She always walks back fine; she seems to know the half-way mark.  So if I want to walk and not leave Katie home, a stroller will be the answer.  That purple running stroller I got at Quartzsite would have been great for Katie here because the path along the Rio Grande is sand, but it was just too big to carry around and I think the dog one will be easier to travel with.  This is what I ordered today:

I'll let you know how it works out when we've used it a few days.  It should arrive by the end of next week.

I wanted to show you a few pictures from my granddaughter, Kennedy's, Launch Party for her jewelry business, Touched by Charms.  It was last week and they had over 20 guests and did quite a bit in sales.  This is really cool jewelry, for kids, parents and even seniors like me, but even so - Kennedy and Trish were quite surprised at how successful the first party was.  They are flying to Sacramento and Vacaville to host two more parties in the next couple of weeks.

Below is a "candy bar" they had set up - nice, huh?  My kind of party!

And the next two photos show the display area where they set up a large and two small mannequins showing how the necklaces look, and trays of charms to put in the lockets.  They now have earrings, too.  This is only part of the display, and I think Trish and Kennedy did a great job.

Here's Kennedy before her party started - she looks a little nervous.  I would be, too!

Look at this cake!  Isn't it beautiful?

I ordered by e-mail  - a medium sized plain gold locket and five charms.  I don't need a chain, so I didn't get one.  My daughter is hosting a party, too, for Kennedy and I'm going to order the small gold locket with crystals around it, and a plate to put inside that says, "Love."   I can't wait to get my first locket!  When it arrives, I'll take some photos to show you.  :)

That's it for now - from me and Katie, have a great Tuesday, everyone!  :)


  1. Nice to see even a little more water in drought stricken New Mexico. Hate those stickery things. And so do the girls. We don't have many in Montana where we camp but along the way we really have to watch for them. Kennedy has done an amazing job. What a go-getter.

  2. Sounds like we just missed you here at Leasburg -arrived on Sunday. We plan on heading up to Caballo Lake SP this weekend, but now you have me curious about Percha. In your opinion is one better than the other? On another note, I am glad you finally gave me the name for those annoying stickers that keep getting stuck in my shoes. One even punctured my bike tire today! I can imagine they must terrible for poor Katie.

    1. Hi Amanda - sorry I missed you - did you get a camping spot at Leasburg? They were full when I left and we were crowded into the overflow area.

      I think Caballo Lake is better than Percha Dam, but they are 3 miles apart, so a lot of people go back and forth (since there's a 2-week limit). The elec. spots at Percha are pretty close together - too close for me. I stay in the dry camping area next to the Rio Grand, and there is great birding there. I'm going to camp at both for a while. When I get the dog stroller it will be easier to take Katie on walks at Percha. :)

  3. The Candy Bar is so clever, and really attractive. Good luck to Touched by Charms!

  4. We encountered those sand burs here in Florida. They hurt!! Good luck to Kennedy on her new venture, that is so cool!

  5. Goat heads are the worst! I'll even pull the weeds if I see them. Good luck, Kennedy! You are certainly a winner! Grace (in Tucson)

  6. I particularly love the first photo of the yellow rumped warbler!(The one that shows him from below)

    Congrats to Kennedy on the business!

    1. Hi Hazel! Me, too. That's how I knew he was something different - that yellow under his chin. And that shot shows the colors on his chest and underside. I wanted more (better) photos, but he flew away and I never saw him again. But at least I got a few clear shots! :)

  7. I've taken many of those sticker things out of Bennie's paws. I see him limping and know he got one.

    Kennedy's (and her Mom's) display for the party was outstanding !!!


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