Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Estate Sale - one more day... then I get my house back

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To answer some of your "comment" questions about the Estate Sale:

Yes, a LOT of the stuff in the photos in my last post was not mine. And a lot of it is still here, but it should all be gone tomorrow.

I don't think I was taken advantage of, not much anyway. I think maybe this is a normal thing for these kinds of sales.  I think they could have been a little more organized, and they could have kept things cleaner (my carpets), and I would have appreciated them getting everything out sooner.  My understanding was that everything would be gone on Monday after the sale.

I actually agreed to have other people's things, from previous Estate Sales, included in my sale.  I didn't realize how much there would be, though. That is why we had a 65/35 split of the take. That way they could continue selling things from previous sales, and increase their take. If I didn't agree, I would have gotten a 50/50 split.  They said they also did well with the "other people's" stuff, and previous customers would be happy to get a check in the mail.

They hire a crew (two people at my sale since my home is small) and moving vans to and from each sale to haul things to the next sale, they have all their sales equipment, cash register, website, all the business expenses.  I don't think they would have netted much without the other stuff being here.

They said they did much better than expected at my sale, they keep adding more from boxes of stuff on hand that doesn't fit at first, and that keeps people coming back to see what's new the next day.  They had a high volume of lookers each day. My neighbor said people were coming and going all day, and they extended the sale to 5:30 each day because of the traffic.

For my stuff, every piece of furniture was sold, anything that really had any value.  Only little things were left like dishes, glasses, Christmas ornaments, things like that.  I didn't want them to schlep my leftovers to their next sales, so I opted for a "buy out," they called a couple of companies who will buy out the remainder after Estate Sales, and I was offered $250 for what was left. I thought that was very generous, and it was still a 65/35 split, so the deal was made.

About half of the things are gone now, and about half of what's left is packed up in boxes, and will be gone tomorrow.  The carpet cleaner is coming on Thursday.

One thing to remember is that when people have Estate Sales, at least around here, the owner of the "estate" has usually died or moved to an assisted care or similar residence.  They are gone, the sale is held, the money paid and everyone is happy.  I'm still here, and popped in almost every day.  I wonder if that is unusual for them, and if I was just too "present" at my own sale.  If I had gone to visit my daughter for a week or so and then come back, I wouldn't have seen all this, and it wouldn't have been a problem.  Do you remember how your house looked when you were moving?  When most of the stuff was boxed up, there were creases and marks in the carpets where the heavy furniture was, cobwebs and little pieces of things left from moving out the big stuff.  Just kind of messy.  That's what my place looks like now - other than the carpet stains, which hopefully will be taken care of.

And I do have to say, they called me at least once a day to keep me updated on what was happening. I appreciated that. And now that it's almost over, I can't imagine any other way I could have gotten rid of everything in one week.

When I get the final payment, I'll let you know what what my total was, might as well.  Considering all my furniture was at least ten years old, not in perfect condition, and I didn't want it, I'll be very happy to get the check.  They give their customers a money order or Cashier's Check, the first one is 65 percent of the cash they took in, the second one depends on the "hold time" the bank places on the checks deposited. When they clear, usually 3 to 5 days, then I'll get the remainder.  They gave me an approximate number, but I'll tell you when it's final. Maybe it will help someone else out there make a decision, and you'll know much more than I did.

Soon this will be over and I'll be bringing The Palms to Santee Lakes, and Katie and I will be full-timers, and this will be an interesting memory.  We move on June 1!!!

At the beach on Saturday, I pulled out the couch and Katie and I took a nap and tried it out.  It was really comfortable!

 Just a reminder - love my kitchen!
Can't wait!

From Me and My Dog, have a great Tuesday evening, everyone! : )


  1. Thanks for the mention in your blog. I like to follow travel blogs because that is a dream of mine. I would like to travel and play poker at the different Casinos around the country. Be safe.

  2. I'm glad it's just about over for you and you can start your exciting new life! Hopefully, we'll be following in your footsteps very soon!

  3. Along those "poker" lines, I'll see your Estate Sale, and raise you a house where none of the previous owners stuff was cleared out. We bought our house from the Estate of my late father-in-law back in 94 (after having first moved in, in 92 because the family didn't know what to do with the place, due to all the junk) and there's STILL stuff stashed in the attic that needs to go. We actually put it in our will that if we're both gone, and the kids are gone, the family gets all their cr*p back again!
    So yes, the Estate Sale part of things is rarely the problem of whoever owns the stuff, it's usually whoever is left behind to sort it all out.
    There will be some tough decisions once again when we move back home.
    You seem to be doing just fine. Going with an outside party was the way to go, even though it might have given you a couple second thoughts.

  4. I'm glad the end is in sight on your sale, it's always traumatic no matter how long or well you plan.
    Once the dust settles a new excitement will take hold and you'll feel liberated and refreshed.
    You new home looks great, love the kitchen lay out. It reminds me we still need a toaster oven, but there's just too much variety out there to decide at this time.
    Good Luck and we'll be following you to see how your doing, we're here for you if you need us, it's not easy all the time, but we wouldn't go back for anything!

  5. just looking at the pictures of your condo full of STUFF and then the pictures of the PALMS..life sure looks like it will be much simpler in the RV..I can hardly wait till it is our turn!.. I am tired of STUFF!!

  6. That's a big step you've had to do, glad it's finally over. Hopefully you can sit back and relax a little.

  7. Good update. Sounds like a decent deal and maybe seeing it in action did add more stress than you needed. We get a skewed view of it when it is our things and place we see. We all attach much more value to our own things than to others'. Having them take all the rest and give you money for it sounds pretty decent.

    Other options for getting rid of our stuff is the Got Junk trucks but I think you pay them to haul it away. And there's always Goodwill and the like to get a tax deduction. I shaved off about $1000 on my tax bill last year getting rid of the hundreds of garments that I'll never wear again after my retirement. I still have lots to get rid of.

    Why have you not just moved into your RV and just go back to the condo to deal with things there? Is it because of parking restrictions?

  8. Love the photo of the inside of your coach. It's so sleek and neat... no clutter.

  9. I wish I were in your shoes. We have so far to go it is depressing.

  10. Hi there! Thanks so much for the mention in your blog :) Not sure why my blog didn't show up the first time, but here it is: therestlab.blogspot.com
    We're new to the RV lifestyle and it's great to meet fellow RVers like you!


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