Saturday, May 7, 2011

Easter photos

To answer my commenters about the generator's fuel:  I DO remember reading in the Onan User's manual that there is an automatic shut-off if the gas tank gets lower than 1/4 full, so you don't run out of gas for driving. I had forgotten that, and I think I asked my question wrong to the La Mesa RV man. I guess if it needed no fuel, it would be one of those perpetual motion machines, and they haven't been invented yet, have they?  I sure did like thinking that I could run it forever with no fuel, though. : )

Here's one more shot of the beach today:

I never posted photos from Easter at my son's house, so since I didn't take any today, I'll put them here:

 Have a little dip with your cracker, Graydin?

 The adults in the dining room, kids were in the kitchen

 They couldn't break the ribbon to "GO" until Graydin was ready.
The older kids were so patient.

 Is there one under there?

 Kennedy finds one!

 Look at all Gavin's eggs!

It was a fun day, good food, good company and a fun Easter Egg Hunt.

I am again here at the beach - we're in a different spot, the first one after the long red curb for the buses.  That gives me a good place to back up when leaving.   I really don't need that, though, because by the time I leave, everyone is gone and the street is empty of parked cars.

It's nice just hanging out after having a pretty stressful week, and all the packing and moving boxes I've done for the last couple of weeks.  (You should see my arms and legs - OMG - I have so many bruises!)

The Estate Sale ladies gave me the names of 4 people who might be interested in renting, I called them today and left 3 messages and talked to one older woman who is not sure yet. She needs to talk it over with her kids.  I just got a call from the ladies a bit ago.  The sale is over, they got one more name of a potential tenant, so I'll call him when I post this.  As long as they were willing to take names and numbers I decided to try that. These people have seen the condo, gone inside and looked around, and if I can get a tenant myself I will do that. But if none of these leads work out, I'll meet with the realtor - I am also thinking about a short sale. When I stopped by yesterday two different women there, one is a neighbor, told me they did short sales. Since I don't plan to ever move back to the condo, I just might do some research on that option.

The sale went pretty well, but am I glad it's over!  I am netting a bit more than I had hoped for.  I went to the condo last night.  After the first day it was a  mess!!!  But one of the ladies wasn't there that day or the previous night, so they were short handed. (She had chest pains and ended up in the ER the night before.)  She was back yesterday, and when I stopped by after the sale, the condo was much more organized and actually looked pretty good.  They had taken some of the other people's stuff out, and I was much happier with how things looked. 

When they called this evening, they said the condo is almost empty. A couple of big pieces of furniture still need to be picked up by the buyers, and they are having the carpets cleaned, and the companies for the sale of everything that is left will come by to bid on the remainder.  So next week some time I'll get it back, empty and clean.

I know you are all wondering what the final total sales came out to, but I'm not going to post that.  Every sale is different, and every area is different.  Even the people who came this week would be different than next week, so my totals are not going to be the same as any other sale.  I will say, though, that I had hoped for a certain amount, and my profit exceeded that, so I am happy. 

Katie and I have taken two walks so far, and she's being really good.  I wasnt' sure how she would be this close to all the people running and walking by the windows, some with dogs that she knows are there. Mostly she is quiet, a couple of times she barked, but stopped when I told her to.  A little guttural growling from time to time, but on the whole she's been very quiet, so maybe she won't bark much in an RV park, which will have far fewer people walking by The Palms.

Tonight we are going back to the same parking lot we were in last night, then I want to come back here again. I'm going to park further up the road, on the top of a small hill, where we'll get a different view and be able to walk in a different area.  I'm meeting my neighbor, Julie, for a Mother's Day lunch at 1:00, so we'll drive back home then.

I plan to bring The Palms back to the storage lot and get my car Sunday afternoon, and sleep in the condo tomorrow night, since I have work the next morning.  I hope I can at least find one clean, clear area to lay down my sleeping bag.  I may borrow a sheet from my neighbor to lay down on the carpet.

From Me and Katie, have a Wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow, everyone!  :)


  1. It's good to hear about how you are making progress. I agree, everyone sells things differently. We could never have an estate sale because our home is not very accessible and has little parking. That is why I have done a few flea markets instead.

    It will be another year for us, so things are not moving along like yours.

  2. looks like you had a great Easter!!..lots of fun and a ton of eggs!!

  3. Love the Easter pictures! Hope you have a great Mothers Day.

  4. Glad that things went well. I'm in the process of a short sale on my home. The buyers want to close on 5/25, and the lenders haven't said yes or no on the sale!!

  5. Enjoy your posts. Happy Mother's Day to you.

  6. Happy Mother's Day!!
    I so want that hair color.... that's some beautiful blondes in your family... So enjoyed your Easter pictures!!



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