Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A new plan - I may be on the road soon

Five more days of work.  

I've given all my work away, e-mailed my forms and flyers, charts and spreadsheets, templates and contact list, my information file, everything.  Thinned out my Outlook folders, went through my desk drawer files, it's pretty much done.  Tom wanted my jobs given away early to the other two employees so I'd be there if they had any questions, but I doubt they will.  Our Office Manger has been there for nine years, and our bookkeeper for six years.  They pretty much know what's up.

For the rest of this week and next week I'm going to learn how to do and practice the research job that Tom needs help with when I'm retired.  We had a meeting yesterday about it, and I have a lot of information to play around with and see what I come up with.  It's something I can do as I want after I leave, I can put in a lot of time, or a little time.  The more time I put in, the more money I can earn, so it's up to me. 

I have the new cargo door and the decals we need to repair The Palms.  Next Tuesday I'm going to drive The Palms to work, and Tom's auto shop guys are going to do the repairs.  He will drive me home, and then on Wednesday he'll help me get both vehicles to the RV park after work, and I will have both The Palms and my car available to me at the RV park. 

I'm driving back to Vacaville to visit my daughter's family over the 4th of July and stay with the grandkids during the week while Kristy and Matt are at work.  They have different schedules, Kristy's is according to her patient appointments and Matt is with the Home Depot and has varying schedules, so I'll have time to spend with them, too.  This might be the last time in a while I'll be in their area to visit.

I'm thinking that I won't be on any special time schedule, and if I drive up in my car as I originally planned, it's going to cost me $125 in gas to get there.  And I will be paying for my Santee Lakes campsite for the week I'll be in Vacaville since I have a monthly rate and don't want to lose the campsite. Then I have to drive all the way back - another $125.  A total of $416.   If it costs me $265 to get there in The Palms (assuming an average of $4.25/gal of gas, less if it keeps going down) I think I'll be ahead of the game to do that and then just keep going north after our visit.

I'd have anywhere from 1 to 4 days to drive there, and wouldn't have to hurry.  If I stay in rest stops or Walmarts at night, I'd save some money.  Then Katie and I can sleep in The Palms at Kristy's and have all our things with us.   

Why not just bite the bullet, check out of Santee Lakes on July 1, and drive The Palms to Vacaville and get started on my "road trip?"  I'd have a month to figure out the motor home systems, get her all set up and comfortable for us. 

I'd like to drive to Placerville and see my old girlfriends, and have a visit.  I could keep traveling north and go through Oregon and Washington, two states I'd love to spend some time in. It will be summer and warm, a good time to be traveling north, and not the best time to be in Arizona, another state I want to see (and think about having solar panels installed while I'm there).  The more I think about it, the more sense that makes. I could make my way back down through Montana, Idaho, Nevada and end up in Arizona as the weather is cooling down. When I get there, I want to stay for a while in one of the free desert camping spots that I've read about where everyone congregates, and then travel around a little and see more of the state.

I'll have to think about selling my car sooner if I do that.  Probably through Carfax - I've done that before and felt they offered me a fair amount.  

I think it's a good plan, and it doesn't make sense to pay six months to camp at a campground and just sit there if I'm not working.  It made sense before I was laid off, but not now.   I feel like I'm easing into this, and the changes to my original plans are coming slowly and making it easier for me.  Whew!

Okay then.  It's our new plan... I called the RV park this morning and cancelled the last five months of my reservation and they put my deposit for those months on to the June rent, so I'm all set.

From Me and My Dog, have a great Wednesday, everyone!  : )


  1. I sure can't think of any reason to sit in one place if you're not working! And sounds like you've got some good realtors to handle the sale of your condo. Have fun on your new adventure!

  2. I think a month in the San Diego park should be about as much as you need to get comfortable and still have access to places you are familiar with.

    Have you decided on a mail forwarding and residency plan yet? South Dakota sounds good and many of the RVers have used it. I have the name and URL for a mail service if you need it.

  3. Nothing wrong with learning as you go. I spent a single night in my van camper before setting out for a month. Made some mistakes but now I know. Giving yourself some extra time is smart and the whole point in this is not be tied down.

    While in transit mode, I just couldn't see the point in paying for a parking spot.

  4. Sounds logical to me.

    Aren't you EXCITED!?!??!

  5. Sounds like a good plan. I have found out that sometimes plans change, especially around the weather or other family events.

  6. Sounds like a good plan. If you are going through Oregon and want solar panels, ones of the best is located right here in Springfield, OR Our panels are factory installed so I haven't had any personal experience with AM Solar but I have read lots of good comments about them. Just a thought...

  7. sure sounds like you have it all figured out!!..good for you!!

  8. If you find yourself near Santa Cruz on your way north, give a holler and we can get a cup of coffe and talk full timing.

  9. Sounds likeyou have everything all worked out. I am so excited for you!! Stay safe..

  10. I'm glad to hear your new plan - I once spent 2 weeks in Santee Lakes and that was plenty. I agree about AM Solar. They have the best prices on panels. If you choose South Dakota as your state of residence, DO NOT use Americas Mailbox as your mail service. They are awful.


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