Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An unusual business meeting, and... Totally would have missed it

I wasn't going to post anything today - I guess there are a few things I could write about, though.

I'm starting to organize things for leaving work.  I have tomorrow, four days next week, then three days my last week.  So, I have eight more days of work.

I'm putting all the forms and flyers and purchase orders, things like that, in organized computer folders so they will be easy to find.  Tomorrow Tom is going to sit at my desk with me and we'll go through what he wants me to e-mail him, and what he wants me to delete.  What should go to the bookkeeper and what should go to the office manager.  I have a lot of his personal things on my computer, a huge Word file that has all the information about his past and present businesses, passwords to all the insurance companies we use, just tons of things like that. It's password protected, and the only way I could keep everything I'd need at a moment's notice at my fingertips.  I also have a contact file in Excel that has every contact I've ever had while working there, it must have more than a hundred contacts. That will make it easier for Tom to find the people I've worked with over the years, for every business he's had and every purchase of any size or importance.

So, in addition to a couple of special projects and doing some collections, I was busy at work.

I skipped lunch and left early.  I wanted to stop by The Palms and get some paperwork I needed.  I had a meeting at my condo with my Realtors so they could see the property and I had a few questions about the paperwork I'll be sending tomorrow to my mortgage company for the short sale.  I told them I only had one chair, so we'd be sitting on the floor.  I lied.  I remembered I had a child's chair in the kitchen with a box on it, and that reminded me that I had another in The Palms, so I also brought that.

It was quite a business meeting - I wish I had taken a photo while they were here!  Grace was in a black suit - in the beach chair, Randy was in business clothes - in the monkey chair, and I was in my jeans and sweatshirt in the elephant chair.  We were all low to the ground, so the bankers box table worked fine.

 I called dibs on the elephant chair

I thought beforehand that I wanted to offer them coffee - it would have been the polite thing to do and I usually offer guests something, but there was not anywhere to put the cups (paper cups) and I was afraid they would tip over on the clean carpet, so I didn't offer it.  But, anyway, this was the setup, and it was actually comfortable and we were able to conclude the day's business without anyone falling over.  It was kind of hard to get out of our chairs, though. : )

Just looking at that picture makes me laugh.  I think I'll send a copy to them by e-mail.

Tomorrow I'll make copies of all the documents and forms and send them Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested.

The thing that compelled me to write the blog today, though, was this.   I was sitting here in the beach chair by the dining room window when I saw my neighbor running toward my front door waving his arms, his two boys were standing outside in the light rain in their pajamas.  They were all laughing.  I thought they wanted Katie to come out and play, so I opened the door.  Jeff yelled, come here, come here!  I ran toward his place and turned around, and there was a beautiful half circle rainbow with my condo exactly in the middle.

 A beautiful rainbow over my condo - looks like good luck coming my way?

It was really pretty!  They kept yelling, Look, look! and pointing to the rainbow and laughing.   Then I saw it:

 Do you see it?

 Look closer, do you see it?

Isn't that cool?  A Mallard on my roof, under the rainbow!

I thought that was so neat, and appreciated them coming to get me so I could see the rainbow and the duck!

When I came back inside and sat down again, I thought, "I wonder how many things I miss?"  Here I was sitting under a duck, and a rainbow, and didn't even know it.  I kind of consider things like this to be blessings, like seeing the bunnies scampering around on the property when I leave for work in the morning, and those cool ocean birds that fly in formation when I drive home the coast route, anything like that.  But a duck and a rainbow over my head?  That's really special!

Call me crazy, but I love this stuff.  And happy meetings with smiling chairs.

From Me and My Dog, Katie, have a special Wednesday night, everyone! : )


  1. you aren't crazy..just very lucky to be almost ready to be embarking on your new adventure!! chairs!!..that must have been funny to see!!!

  2. Thats got to be a sign of Good luck! No evil could stand up to it! Especially after the meeting in those chairs.

  3. Glad you decided to blog today and that you keep your camera close by.

  4. The only thing that could have made that meeting any better would have been politicians sitting in those chairs! LOVE it!

    The rainbow and the duck must be signs of good things to come!

    word verification: crayalo :)

  5. Glad I read this, this morning..I needed a good laugh! Can't even imagine the serious realtors sitting in those chairs :) Rainbows and mallards, have to be a sign of good luck!!

  6. A very cute post. I am glad you shared it. Love the duck and the rainbow. Someone is smiling down on you for sure.... :)

  7. Your rainbow could symbolize peace, hope, and harmony - as described below.

    In the song "Over the Rainbow" from The Wizard of Oz, lead character Dorothy Gale fantasizes about a place over the rainbow, where the world is in peace and harmony.

    In "Rainbow Connection", a song known for being sung by Kermit the Frog, the idea of a rainbow is seen as something to wish on, as it is popularly seen as a vision, or symbol of hope.

    I think this aptly describes your current situation. Embarking on a new adventure, you have a vision of how it will be, and you're wishing for and hoping for a positive outcome.

    Did you make a wish?

  8. That was really, really cool. Glad you didn't miss it.

  9. I stumbled upon this page and these blogs and for some reason I decided to follow you (or someone decided for me????)...You are, in an odd way, helping me prepare for my journey of traveling and exploring the world outside my front door (once again!!!). But your blogging today was especially "sweet" and I just loved the fact that NOT only did you see the rainbow but to have the MALLARD on your roof was a TRUE BONUS!!! How sweet is life sometimes????


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