Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another day in my desert paradise

Lots of wind lately - Katie and I are rocking and rolling.  The temps are really nice, though. Warm during the day and cool at night and in the morning.

We continue to be visited by our various bird friends.  There are two little doves that come around from time to time.  I see them more than adult doves, but I'd guess the adults are somewhere nearby.

 Two young Mourning Doves

Today there is also a single baby quail in camp, and he looks smaller, about the size of the White-Crowned Sparrow.  Maybe a new solo chick? 

Poor thing, he just keeps walking around looking for seeds, going from one part of the site to another, all by himself.  I wonder if he is going to survive; when the other birds get excited and fly into the trees for cover, he just continues to walk around.

I haven't seen him fly or even walk very fast.  :(

Adult Mourning Dove - keeping an eye out for the little ones?

The Gambel's Quail are usually on the ground searching for food, or scooting quickly to a bush for cover.  I was surprised to look up and see this guy out in the open on a branch.  He was like the Hawk, constantly looking right, middle, left, middle, etc.  Of course, he was probably searching for danger, not his next meal.  He is such a beautiful bird, I never get tired of watching them in the yard.

This next photo is of one of the quail who was taking a dust bath, kicking up the dirt until she had a nice little hole to lay down in.  She sat there looking around for a while, then got up and scurried away.

A couple of new Hummingbird photos:

Anna's Hummingbird

Anna's Hummingbird in flight - perfect form!

This is my new fire pit:

I've since gotten it straighter and in the middle of the rocks.  I like the way it looks in my campsite.

Lots of people here have fire pits (I guess it's not really a pit) made from the inside of washing machines.  The inside part has holes in the metal which gives great air flow and keeps the fire going.  Bea and Peter have one of those.  When I was at their campfire the other night, they had a great fire going.  I'm assuming mine will work (without the holes) since there is air coming up from underneath.  I'll let you know how it works.

The other day Katie and I were carefully walking through the brush around our site, and I saw it buried way inside some dried branches under a tree.  Probably one of the past residents of this site used it, and stowed it there for the next time they are here.  I know some of the full-timers do that.  Anyway, I drug it out and put it over a bunch of rocks I made a fire ring with.  There aren't any holes in the washer tub, but there would be air coming from below with it on top of the rocks.

I haven't had a fire yet while I've been on the road, or bar-b-qued, but I do have a little bar-b-que and another metal rack on legs.  I have some papers I want to burn that have personal information on them, so one of these mornings when it's calm, I'll throw them into this thing and light them, and put the rack over the top so no burning pieces will fly out.

I wonder how the rust would affect the air if it was used for a real wood fire?  Or if I cooked something on the wire with a wood fire?  I think I'd take the tub off and put the bar-b-que rack on top of the rocks with coals underneath if I wanted to cook.

Here's our bunny again - there are at least two that come though, the one below and another one that has a notch cut out of his left ear.  Is there anything sweeter than a little fat bunny?

UPDATE on my tendinitis:   My left wrist and thumb are almost 100 percent, but my right thumb is giving me problems.  I looked up on-line to see what it could be, and I think it's called Trigger Thumb.  Unfortunately I can't shoot bullets from it.

I searched on many different sites, and this seems to be what it is.  One of the posters said her doctor told her to tape her husband's thumb at night, because that's when it seems to get worse.  I was waking up with it really clicking, not locking up, just a click that was worse in the morning, then gets somewhat better during the day and then worsens again late afternoon and evening.  I don't have any medical tape, but I wrapped my thumb with electric tape and within a few hours, the clicking was much better.  That was a couple of days ago, and now when I wake up, there is no clicking.

I wonder what my kids would say, nothing like having your mom wrapped up in electrical tape.  But, what works, works!

I took the tape off this morning, and my thumb started clicking again, so it's back on.  Now on my shopping list I have surgical tape and a thumb brace if I can find one.  Using this tape hasn't diminished in any way using my thumb.  It just seems to keep that one joint stable.

WELCOME to our newest follower, Cheap Chick!  She is a Canadian who is not an RVer, but I was very interested in her posts about how she handles her grocery budget.  Good food for thought, if you'll pardon the pun. :)   I don't follow many non-RV blogs, but Cheap Chick is now on my blog roll, and I'm looking forward to future posts.  Welcome aboard, Cheap Chick!  Thanks for following along with me and Katie. :)

From me and Katie, have a great Sunday, everyone!  :)


  1. We have doves here too, but they don't look as pretty as yours, more brown colored... and I LOVE the quail, when mom & dad were at the farm in Culver they had TONS of them. So great to watch them go about their business.

  2. I love watching those quail scurry down the road. They are so cute. We were talking about you at dinner the other night. Kyra follows your blog (she doesn't have one) and wanted to know if I had ever met you.

  3. Love those Gambel Quail, they are beautiful. I was wondering how your wrist was doing so was glad to see you had an update. So happy to see that it is doing better, but your thumb, that is a bummer. Hope keeping it immobile will help. There just has to be one part that is stubborn to want to heal. Love the bunny!!!

  4. Hey, you have to improvise with what you got! Hopefully that will help with the issue :)

  5. Great pictures tonight. You sure do get some great bird shots. And the bunny is so cute. Love the ending shot. Hope you thumb is better soon.

  6. Thanks! I have a love of travel and was entirely impressed to find a woman RVer! I also love nature shots and your blog is full of them!

  7. those are lovely birds. what's RV? if you don't mind me asking

  8. Glad the tape is helping your thumb...whatever works.

    Not much is cuter than a bunny...well maybe a kitten. :)

    What a great campsite you have. What a great idea for a fire pit.

  9. I have a 'trigger' finger that gives me grief once in a while. I use a popsicle stick as a brace and tape the finger to it. :)

  10. Luv the pic of your bunny and a bird making friends. Next time you are in a Walmart, get some vet wrap (found in the pet department) It is like an ace bandage that you can cut the section you need, and it sticks to itself but not to you. It will also be cooler in coming months and comes in various colors! you will like it!!

  11. I love the pictures of all your bird and animal friends. You certainly seem to have found your little paradise.

  12. Great close up of the cute. And the awesome is that?

    Nice find on the fire pit....

  13. Glad for the information about a triger finger. I developed a triger finger in my right ring finger. Learned from google what it was. Found that soaking my hand in hot water in the morning relieved it. It didn't get serious and finally went away. Now I have a triger finger in my middle finger on my right hand. It hung up last night so guess I will have to tape it. Ain't the golden age great? Barbara in Florida

  14. Love the rabbit and the quail in the same shot picture!

  15. Great photos Barbara. The thumb tape job is doing a lot of support and I hope it will fix the problem. usually the clicking is from inflammation in the tendon as it moves through the tendon sheath. Sometimes they get really bad and need surgery. hope yours never does that.


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