Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Roadrunner was here!

Yesterday at 6:00 the Roadrunner finally came through our site. I just barely saw him out my dinette window and grabbed the camera and ran to the kitchen, focused and - can you believe it? - he stopped.  What a beautiful bird!  If you click on the photo you'll get a good close up with all his colors - I love that his eye is so clear and the red markings, too.  Here he is:

I finally have a good, clear shot to send to Mello Mike for his 2013 Roadrunner Photo Contest.  The contest runs until the end of May, so if you have (or get) a good shot of a Roadrunner, send it on over to him and get in the contest.  You can send up to three pictures.  I never thought I'd win last year, and WhoooHooooo, I did!  Maybe this year is your turn.  Click on his name above to visit Mike's post with the information, and e-mail him your favorite Roadrunner shots.  (His e-mail address in in his "Profile.")  Good Luck!

And then there was a funny bunny scene going on under my chair. I put the seed container under there to keep it out of the sun, and a couple of the birds have come by to check it out.

Today the bunny came by and tried to figure out what was going on with these seeds he couldn't get, and I just had to photograph his dilemma.  He was very entertaining. :)

How do you get this top off?
It's on there too tight.
Okay, let me think about this.

He walked around the container a couple of times, climbing up, sniffing the lid, you could almost hear his mind working.

Can I get it open from this side?

Then he sat down and scratched his head, and gave up.

Well, I just can't figure it out.

And away he went into the bushes.

I'm taking my cotton tail and going home.

WELCOME to our newest follower, Becky! She and her husband bought a trailer and are planning a trip to Alaska this summer.  Her blog is not an RV blog - yet - but it looks like she is pretty crafty. I went back a way in her posts, and she even made scrapbook digital kits.  They look really nice; I used to lurk all over those sites, looking for just the right thing.  Becky, we are happy to have you along on our travels, Welcome Aboard!  

 From me and Katie, have a great Wednesday evening, everyone!  :)


  1. That bunny is to darn cute! Great picture story! It seems he has alot in common with us folks....i'm scratching my head alot these days!

    It was your lucky day...a road runner pose and pic!

    Hope you have a great rest of the week!

  2. Thanks for the birds-up on Mike's contest.

    We aren't seeing many rabbits, but lots of hares here. Now I get why Bugs looks like he does!

  3. Funny the Roadrunners look nothing like the cartoon with Wylie Coyote.
    Good luck on the contest. Now the bunny how cute is that. I wonder if he has ever eaten a carrot?

  4. That's a great shot of the Roadrunner.

    I hope you gave that cute little bunny something for his trouble.

  5. Those critters sure know who to go to when looking for mischief. I always love your critter pictures.

  6. Don't bunnies just make you want to cuddle them? They are so darn cute!! Good shots of him and the roadrunner too.

  7. Congrats on the Roadrunner pic, Barb. That's a great shot.

  8. I loved the bunny photos, and your story to go with it. So much fun. Yes, it is a desert paradise.

  9. I haven't seen any roadrunners here in the yard, only bunnies. Angel, of course let's me know when they are around.

  10. Thanks for the welcome! Great picture of the roadrunner. We see one here from time to time. We have lots of rabbits - cottontail and jacks. Just have to keep them away from my gardens! Cute pictures.

  11. What a great shot of the roadrunner! He is beautiful! I'm so glad he (and the bunny) stopped by and you got to share them with us!

  12. I have the same problem with child-proof containers.


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