Friday, March 15, 2013

hot, Hot, HOT! 101 degrees in the shade

According to the weather forecast, we're going to have four days of 90+ degree weather. Right now, it's 101 in the shade according to my outside thermometer:

Yesterday was also very hot, and I finally took out the Frogg Toggs for me and Katie.  It's amazing how much they help.  In fact, hold on, I'm going to get them out of the fridge right now.....

Whew! Yesterday I put more water on them, rolled them up in a baggie and put them in the fridge.  I just put mine on and WOW is it cold!  Katie backed away from me, so I didn't put hers on yet.

This is us yesterday, chillin' with our Toggs:

I put mine around my neck and down into my tank top, and it really cooled me off.  This was the temp inside The Palms when I remembered our Frogg Toggs and dug them out:

I remember when I dried them out and put them away last year. When it's cool out, it's hard to imagine using them.  All I wanted then was another sweatshirt.  Now that sounds awful. :)

I spent the last week delving into information about RV insurance.  I contacted five agencies and companies, submitted information to get quotes, pouring over the various ways of saying the same thing regarding coverage, etc.  I've been with Progressive for the last two years, but each year the premium has gone up and this year it went up $330.80 more than last year!  This is with no claims and a perfect driving record.  That prompted me to start getting quotes.

I went to the Escapees Discussion Forum to get information about what the various commenters said about their insurance providers and how they responded to their customers.  I had a nice list which even included the links to some of the best RV Insurance Agencies and RV Insurance Companies.  Thank you Escapees!

That's another thing I'm changing.  I was very unhappy with my insurance agency, both last year and this year, and I didn't want to get a new insurance provider through them.

Yesterday, after receiving five quotes, I decided to go with Good Sam, GMAC.

They don't provide road service on their full-timer policies, so I also took out the Good Sam Roadside Assistance.

Even though I wasn't a new customer, because I quit them when I realized I had road service with Progressive, when I called them yesterday they offered me the new customer price and gave me an option for as many years as I wanted at that introductory price.  I opted for three years so I don't have to worry about it for a while, and I'm able to keep the low rate.

My motor home registration is also due on April 1, so I went on-line and took care of that, too.  I needed to have the truck smogged, and did that when I was in San Diego.  They send the passing results on-line to the DMV, and it was there to be added to my registration when I completed that on-line, so I'm done with that for another year.

Early yesterday evening, Katie and I took our last walk and I got a few shots.  The first is of a flock of birds flying overhead.

I'm not sure what these are , but they were pretty flying overhead.

We had a nice sunset yesterday.

And above that sunset was this beautiful crescent moon.

So... As I'm typing this, I'm watching John Bon Jovi on "Katie"; now I don't know if the heat is caused by him, or by the sun outside.   You know what I mean, ladies?  He   Is    So    Cute!

From me and Katie, have a great weekend, everyone!  :)


  1. Ah yes, Bon Jovi!! And I like his music too. :)

  2. Oh, yeah, his music... I like it too. :)

  3. Good choice for your insurance needs. We have had that combo for several years and are very pleased with the service. Boni Jovi sure is easy on the eyes and I hear a nice, giving person..

  4. We sure enjoy your blog. Hearing about Bon Jovi reminds me when I was working graveyard at a 7-11 one June night in 1987 in a town called Spanish Fork, was like 2 or 3 am and these guys come in with long hair (not usual for that are of Utah). They got off of two nice buses, probably of the Prevost quality, but back then owning a motorhome was a distant dream so it is only a guess now.... Anyway, I asked them if they were headed to or from Salt Lake, and they said "headed to So. Cal." After a few of them went out the door, I had to ask the stupid "Q" as to who they were..... "Have you not heard of Bon Jovi before?" one says. Yes, heard the name....No, did not know much about him. Guess I missed my chance for a good signature on a 7-11 napkin because he was already on the

    Dave (and Marcia and Skruffy and Bubba)

  5. Egad! Those temps are too hot for me even if it is dry heat! ;)

  6. That is too hot for me too. I just wilt. Even though I am sick of the cold I don't want it that hot. Yes, Jon Bon Jovi has just gotten better with age. He did an awesome song with Chris LeDoux, one of my favorite country artist, called Bang a Drum.
    Don't over heat.

  7. I have something similar to your Toggs when I go hiking. That temp is too high for me. I don't like a lot of A/C but will turn it on for awhile during the hottest part of the day. I'm sure it will be hot here in TX this summer, but I will have electric hookups. Hope you find a way to stay cool or a cooler place to travel. Are you heading to New Mexico?

  8. Hot tamales! That is really hot! Im curious about Katie and the Frogg Toggs...I keep thinking our doxie needs a cooling system.

    Glad all the work is done for awhile. I dont know how I ever got those kinds of things done before retirement...way time consuming.

  9. OMGoodness - that's HOT!! Better head for Oregon LOL. Hope you and Katie can manage to not overheat.

  10. It's been the same in Yuma the last few days. I even had to resort to turning on the generator so I could run the A/C. Heading NORTH now !

  11. Bon Jovi! Love him and his music. Saw them in Hawaii about three years ago. Had great seats, sang along and danced at our seats.

  12. I really dislike weather that hot, which is one reason why I'm heading to Lassen this summer. Stay as cool as you can.

  13. Definitely hot! Especially when you can't run your AC. Oh yeah, Jon Bon Jovi has aged well :)
    We have GMAC through Miller's Insurance (out of Oregon). They have been great!

  14. Yep, it is hot! We are in Borrego Springs and tis hot here also. Sure happy that this is to end in a few days.

  15. Yes, it is hot. Looks crazy, me walking around in the heat wearing a shirt with long sleeves to keep me cool.
    Keep the shirt slightly damp. (spray bottle)
    Evaporation does the rest.
    Works perfect, no refrigerator needed.
    Tomorrow we are off to cooler areas.

  16. Thanks, Hobbea! That's a good idea, wearing a thin long sleeved shirt and spraying it from time to time. Then you'd always have on a cool, damp shirt.

    I've also read of a woman traveler who put a t-shirt on her dog and sprayed it with water. This was when she didn't have air conditioning. She did the same thing for herself. It worked and got them through the hottest days. :)

  17. Love the hot weather you are having! Good for you on getting the insurance quotes. We are probably going to change our domicile to Texas and found that GMAC was one of the lowest quotes we got also!

  18. wow thats definitely too hot for me..good idea with the shirts....

  19. Oh my goodness, don't know how u handle those temps! I'm tired of the cold but I don't think I'd make it in to find something inbetween. I too used to have Progressive but as u said, they kept going up and up without anything negative on our parts so we also went with GMAC and have been happy so far. Hope u and Katie stay cool. Love ur posts.

  20. Those temps are awful! Hope you get your solar problem fixed soon!

  21. You can also make a low-tech swamp cooler (only works with low humidity days). I spray the screens- all windows and door screen (soak them w/out having them draining wet) with water (you can add a few drops of mint or vanilla to spray bottle- smells nice :))
    I have also put water in a low sided pan (like cookie sheet) and put the 12v fan behind the water (fan blowing into rig). Cools the temp down in the rig pretty nicely. You can also get 12V awning misting systems. They are awesome but you may not need anything like that if you only have the occassional heat wave.
    Sheila :)


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