Monday, March 18, 2013

Katie the bird dog

Saturday, March 17, 2013

We are in Glendale, AZ and Katie found a duck's nest full of eggs.  The female duck, who was sitting on the eggs, jumped off the nest and quickly flew away, over to the water where the other ducks were swimming around.

Duck eggs inside a grassy plant, there are 10 or 11; about the size of hen's eggs.

Here is where we are parked today, at the edge of a large mall parking lot.  There's a type of water canal with fountains down the middle and ducks swimming.  It's a great place to hang for the day.  I have the windows open and there's a little breeze.  I can hear the birds singing and the fountains splashing.  The parking lot is on one side, then a main road, and Cabela's is across the street.  That's where we are going to spend the night.

One of these females is the mom.

There are palm trees and other desert plantings along each side of the water.  Lots of birds, too. This black bird was singing to me in the sunshine:

Ohhhh, solo mio...

...sta nfronte a te!  Look at that face, isn't he cute?

He had a beautiful singing voice.

This was Katie on our way here.  She continues to love her dog car seat, and often climbs into it over the back of the passenger seat during the day to rest and look out the windows.

Hi, Mom, I love you.

Since she has the car seat, she sleeps more when we're on the road.

We are staying at  Cabela's overnight and in the morning will visit my solar guy, Ron.  My solar regulator stopped showing it's digital readout on Thursday and it has a 5-year warranty, so we'll see if Ron can fix or replace it.  I'm planning to be there at 8 am, and after it's fixed, head on to New Mexico.

From me and Katie, have a good day, everyone!  :)


  1. It is a wonder any wild ducks hatch their eggs when you consider all the predators out there. Katie has a good nose. She is adorable in her car seat, she probably feels safe in there and can rest better. I know you feel better knowing she is safe.

  2. Katie sure looks cute in her car seat. I hope she didn't hurt any of the eggs.

  3. Katie is just the cutest ever.

    Hope the regulator gets fixed in speedy time.

  4. Hopefully the mom came back to sit on those eggs again. We'd sure want them to hatch. The car seat is perfect for Katie and looks like she appreciates it.

  5. Looks like Katie has some Nova Scotia Ducktoller genes. :))

  6. I love blackbirds - never realized how much they sing until I lived in a house that backed onto a pond. Cheers!

  7. Sweet faces all around. I'll be coming through NM (not sure what route) on my way to Utah in late summer/early fall. Maybe we'll finally get to meet?

  8. Good find, I would like to be around to watch the ducklings hatch.

  9. Hummm, Cabella's! John loves Cabella's. I love the bargain cave. Once in a while I find something at a good price in there. That Katie is a Kutie!

  10. I like to hear birds chirping, but I do miss the birds in the east. I had such a variety in NC, and don't really see many here. Even the hummingbirds aren't hanging around.

  11. We went to Alton Baker Park today and saw lots of pairs of ducks but didn't find any nests. Love it when the ducklings and goslings start hatching. Seems like a never ending supply here in Eugene LOL! I think that car seat for Katie was a great purchase. She looks so content there.


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