Saturday, May 25, 2013

Angry Birds, storms and visiting with a fellow full-timer

I experienced my first hail storm Thursday night.  What a racket on the roof.  We had rain, hail, thunder and lightening.  Pretty exciting.  I got out of bed and lowered the TV antenna and unplugged my TV and computer, just in case.  Katie was sleeping in her car seat, and I peeked at her through the scarf I had hung between the cab and the "house," and she was doing fine.  She stayed there throughout the storm and I finally fell asleep.  In the morning, as usual, she was in her regular bed on the couch, so she climbed over the seat during the night.  She really feels safe and comfortable in that car seat.  One of the best things I've bought since being on the road. 

So...  have you noticed everyone is starting their sentences with the word, "So..."  I listen to a lot of talk radio and TV, and when people are being interviewed, that's what they do now.

So...  The Mountain Bluebirds are still harassing me and Katie, but not as bad.  They are still hanging out on the mirrors, hood, roof, and TV antenna and doing bird acrobatics on and off during the day.  I thought about them during the storm and hoped they were dry and safe in their nest during the storm. Apparently they did fine, because they are still around.  Here are more of the photos I took the other day:



Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting Andy Baird.  He is also camped here at Storrie Lake and I sent him a quick e-mail and asked if he would like to come over for a visit.  He dropped over, and we had a wonderful conversation.  After about an hour it was lunch time, and he invited me back to his rig for a tour and lunch.  Of course, I said yes.  He has made so many modifications to his rig, it was nice to see them in person.  I especially like his office space.  Really nice.

I'm sure a lot of you know who Andy is and have read his blog - if not check it out here.  Andy Baird's Websites  He does all kinds of projects and documents them with instructions and photos and then posts them to pass along the information.  He also has a nice file of all the New Mexico State Parks with information and his impressions of each.  I use that all the time.  His was one of the first blogs I read and I did lots of bookmarking and copy/pasting so I wouldn't lose the info.  He does rig renovations, sews, cooks - he doesn't seem to be afraid to tackle any kind of job.

He came over today to help me do a re-repair of the outside seam split that I had fixed last year. The Silicone I used finally split apart and I needed to cover the split again.  My repair lasted a year - I did it in May of 2012.  Andy suggested using Eternabond to cover the split area.  I happened to have some on hand, so we (he) did that repair today.  He did a more extensive repair than I would have done; he has all the tools and knowledge, and I'll show you some photos in a future post.

Windy as heck here today, again, and also pretty warm.  It must just be the time of year for wind in New Mexico.  The park looks almost full.  I can smell bar-b-que and hear kids yelling and playing - somehow everyone found out about the Memorial Weekend, I guess.  :)

I've got some stuff to do, so that's it for today.  But first, here are a couple of sunsets from Storrie Lake the last few days.  These are what I see out the front windshield:

From me and Katie, have a great Saturday, everyone!  :)


  1. I saw on the news last night where you guys were getting hit really hard with storms. Glad to hear you survived them okay. Those pictures of the birds are just incredible. You have such a fantastic talent. We're in Alb and the wind is blowing up a storm here also.

  2. Fantastic photos of the mountain bluebirds. You should enter the first one in a photo contest!!!! National Geographic has a contest going on now. It's worthy.

  3. Great photos. You would think those birds would learn after awhile that the mirror is not another bird. Gives a whole new meaning to the words "bird brain" LOL!!

  4. If the birds are really slamming into the mirrors they could actually break the lense itself. It might be a wise idea to make or buy mirror covers for whenever you are parked. Birds have been known to crash through windows attacking their reflections. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Nice that you met Andy. He is one of the main reasons we got our Lazy Daze motor home! I've read his blogs for some time, and also followed his group on Yahoo. He's really quite a guy. He does love New Mexico, and he does love to boondock! It was great to have him help you with the fix on The Palms. He really knows how to make things better.

    Your "noisy neighbors" are still at it, eh? Great photos, and I love those shots of the birds going after the mirrors. They sure are funny to watch, aren't they?

    Give Katy a big hug for us.

  6. I am loving your pictures of the birds. Those are such a beautiful color. Have to agree though, you might want to cover those mirrors.

  7. You and your camera are a very good team!

    I especially loved hearing about Katie sleeping in her car seat.

  8. So glad you got to meet Andy. I used to read his blog way back when. How nice of him to do that fix for you.

  9. Great pictures...I love the bluebirds!

    Cant believe Katie slept through the storm...

    Those are some beautiful sunsets!

    hugs to Katie!

  10. Those birds either really love or NOT. Either way you're getting some great photos. Stay out of the storms!

  11. I just love your blue bird pictures. Also I added Andy's Blogs to my favorites list. Thank you.

  12. Thanks for the link to Andy's pages, lots of really good info there. I regularly follow and read your blog. I thoroughly enjoy it and very interesting and seeing all your pictures brings the places you visit to life. Sometimes when I read about the remote places you stay at I think you're very brave. All the best.

  13. Just went and read all of Andy's 2011. What a year that was for him! Thanks for sharing his links. Good guy.

  14. Isn't Andy great? He is so knowledgeable about a variety of things and always willing to help others out.
    Great photos of the bluebirds!

  15. Barbara! You and Katie are famous! You made "coffee and a canine" this morning! So pleased to see a solo woman full-timer on the blog!

  16. You and Katie look adorable. Hope both your problems are solved. I use the Fresh Cab too.

    On this roadtrip, I've been applying the peppermint oil to exfoliating pads and placing them in the exterior refrigerator vents. (I think that's how my mouse gained entrance a couple of months ago). So far, so good.


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