Friday, May 17, 2013

Update from Elephant Butte

We've just pretty much been taking it easy the last few days, enjoying our campsite overlooking the lake.  The temps have been climbing and it should peak today at 91 degrees.  I'm looking forward to mid 80s starting tomorrow. 

As pretty as it is looking out at the lake all day, there isn't much to take pictures of, so my camera has been off most of the time.  I've gotten a few photos to share:

Pretty cactus flower with a bee inside collecting pollen.

This bush just starting blooming with little flowers that look like small orchids.  Very pretty.

I haven't taken a photo of a Gambel's Quail for a while, and couldn't resist snapping this guy perching so nicely.

Katie trying to fit on her folded quilt for a little nap.

This next photo is a comical one of Katie.  At night I tuck this large scarf under my mattress and it hangs down blocking off the truck cab and windshield, giving us some privacy; it's an easy curtain-type thing that I've recently been doing.  (It's very colorful, but the biggest scarf I have. It sure does give us some COLOR.)  The other night Katie was in her car seat when I put the curtain up.  A little later I could see her nose poking at the curtain trying to figure out how she was going to get back into the living area.  She finally figured it out, her head came through and she hopped up on the dinette seat back.  She sat like this looking at me for the longest time. I think she was trying to tell me something.  She looked so funny, all I could do was laugh and grab the camera. Maybe she was waiting for an apology?  She didn't get one, just laughing and camera flashes.  :)

Ya gotta love a dog that can make you laugh. :)

This is a Western Mockingbird.  I've posted one before from another park, but I like his simple colors.

We had a visitor wander over to our campsite yesterday.  Lloyd arrived Thursday morning at Elephant Butte for a one-night stay, and we arranged to meet up.  We endured the heat inside, then the wind outside while we had a nice visit.  Katie loves him - she became a bit of a pest, which is unusual for her.  Lloyd got back on the road this morning heading north, just in time to miss today's 90+ temps.  Thanks for the visit, Lloyd, it was good to see you again.  We didn't take photos, so you're just going to have to believe me that he had on one of his very nice 30+ Hawaiian shirts!  :)

WELCOME to our newest Follower, John!   Or should I say, Shoeless Joe?  Under either name - Katie and I welcome you as an official Follower.  I've been following your blog for a long time, and always enjoy it, so it's nice to have you aboard and following along with us!  :) 

And that's about it for today.  From me and Katie, have a great Friday, everyone!  :)


  1. Cute Katie, I guess you have to give her notice that you are putting up the curtain, haha.

  2. When I started reading your blog today, I came to the Quail photo and decided that I just had to say how great it is. Then I came to the photo of Katie! She is such a hoot! And I love the colors in that curtain.

  3. aw.... yay Katie.. hahaa

    love the bee in the cactus flower! wow and the quail?

    I stayed at EB for a couple of nights... I didn't see what you saw. I just saw a sliver of blue ~ the lake was down and sand.

    Had a nice feel though but not too much scenery wise for me... I'm a forest and water kid.

    Love the sunsets and rises in the desert though ... I love sunsets and rises wherever. ~ look at that gold sky and the black and gray mountains... gorgeous!

  4. My mother would have called Katie a "cut-up". Sometimes I think she likes to ham it up for the camera. The nap photo is too funny! Love the quail photo too.

  5. That is a really beautiful scarf, and Katie looks like she was caught trying to escape.

  6. The Apache Kid Wilderness is just across the interstate from you. There is lots of forest and free camping in that area. I have covered in my blog if you want to see pictures.

  7. That scarf is spectacular! Katie is even better!

  8. Katie is a cutie, that's for sure, that's a great shot. So are the rest of them. Glad you got a visitor!

  9. Pictures of Katie are always welcome. Love the nap one but Katie and the scarf is fantastic!

  10. What a precious photo of Katie... and I just love the colorful scarf.

  11. Katie and the scarf could easily win a cute! I tried and tried to get a good picture of the Gambels Quail when we were in Tucson, but they were just too fast...great photo.

    Hugs to Katie!

  12. Cooper does that for us. He is always doing something funny and we laugh. Effie is just sweet Effie, easy going and just pleasant all the time. I love her to death but a little personality is fun too. And Cooper, like Katie has that. She is a cutie pie. Your pictures are wonderful as always.


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