Monday, May 20, 2013

Onward and upward

Upward to the north, that is. 

Katie and I are both getting very tired of the heat and wind at Elephant Butte.  Honestly, I was really looking forward to being here, I've heard so much about this area.  I thought it would be the high point of our State Park travels going from New Mexico's southern parks to the northern parks.  But try as I might, and I can be pretty darn optimistic, I haven't really found it to be that great. I thought about moving to another campground area, or down on the beach right next to the water, but the heat and wind will be anywhere we move. 

The mornings have been really nice, then all too soon it's too hot to even take a decent walk, then in the afternoon the winds come up and blow us down the street.  My eyes have been so dry.  Katie doesn't even want to go potty outside.  Yesterday I thought she was sick, but I think she's just tired of the heat, too, and nervous with all the wind.  Maybe if the weather was more cooperative it would be better, but after trying for eight days, I give up.

Tomorrow morning we're heading out.

I've been reduced to taking photos of dead snakes in the road - there isn't much around here to snap photos of.   Do you think this might be why:

I guess it could be that I'm not looking in the right direction. :)   Someone sent me the above photo in an e-mail, and I've been saving it for a place that doesn't have much to offer up photo-wise.  I thought it was so funny. 

Anyway, obviously I'm not finding much to take pictures of at this park.  Following are the few photos I've taken since my last post.  A couple from Canada was traveling with this Tadpole.  I asked if I could get a photo, and they were more than happy to oblige:

He said there is a queen size bed inside.  Reminded me of the homemade trailer the man at Riverside Campground made.

And... the aforementioned snake in the road.   He was dead, but with his mouth open, at first I thought he was alive.

And that's it.  There just isn't anything else to blog about or take pictures of. 

We're heading toward Sumner Lake and then Santa Rosa Lake.  If we like them, we'll stay 14 days at each park, if not, we'll keep heading north. 

Tomorrow - onward and upward.  From me and Katie, good night, everyone.  :)


  1. I'm glad you are moving on. There's no sense wasting time at a place that isn't comfortable or memorable.

  2. sleep well and safe travels tomorrow!
    nice looking tadpole! as for the snake?..eww

  3. Speaking of wind, have you seen anything about the terrible storms in the midwest in the last few days!

    Hope your drive is safe. Summer is here!

  4. Indeed sounds like time to head to a more appealing, comfortable and interesting place. I have to confess I grinned at your comment about being reduced to taking photos of dead snakes in the road! Thanks for the smile this morning!

  5. The weather can sure make or break a place. That's the nice thing about your lifestyle. You can find someplace better. Safe travels.

  6. Aren't we glad we live in an RV so we can pack up and leave anytime we want to?

    Safe travels today!
    Hugs to Katie!

  7. Moving on down the road sounds like the thing to do!

  8. So sorry it's been so miserable for you. When we were there in May we did have wind in the afternoons but it wasn't hot. So Jim would wish in the mornings and we'd just explore in the afternoons or read.

  9. We weren't crazy about Sumner Lake but liked Santa Rosa SP. At least the trees at Santa Rosa block some of the wind:) We like to see mountains and there just aren't any in that part of NM. Will be nterested to see what you think.

  10. I understand about sticking pictures in when you don't have anything to post. I've often thought about going through my digital pictures and do the same. I have a few great ones as we all do just waiting for the right opportunity!

  11. I hope that a different location suits you better. Getting out of the heat would be help.

  12. Sometimes a person just gets into the doldrums, BUT things change... travel safe!

  13. Isn't that one of the many great advantages of our chose lifestyle - if we don't like where we live - well we just move !!

    I must google now to see where you are.

  14. Can't wait to see where you settling next!

  15. What is scary is if that is a truly wild lion and they are unaware of it. I have been up close to big cats, their speed and power are astonishing. No movie or TV screen will ever be close.


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