Thursday, May 9, 2013

Back to Percha Dam State Park

We came the 1+ mile back to Percha Dam this morning. It really was a no brainer, about a one mile drive, what's to lose?  I'm happier with the park this time around for some reason. We don't have Fox or CBS on our antenna TV, which we got at Riverside/Cabello, but PBS comes through, and our Verizon phone and Internet are strong. 

We got a few drops of rain, and I think the weekend is supposed to be rainy, so I'm looking forward to that, and hope a little of it lands on the river. :)

A new bird sighting already!  This, I think, is a Summer Tanager.  I saw one the night we spent here before going to Caballo, but couldn't get a shot of it.  This morning I got tons of photos.  Here are two:

This morning we took a walk and there were some good clear animal prints along the path above the Rio Grande. The river is dry, but down a little way the water starts again.  It must be deeper there, so it hasn't dried up yet. The prints came up from the water and then along the path.  I think two of the prints are from a cat or canine type animal, one looks like a cloven hoof, and the other is a bird track.

Can you recognize the prints?  Any idea what animal made them?  Do I need to start taking my walking stick with us, just in case?  When I saw the cloven hoof type track, I was looking around for Javalinas - but I don't think they travel alone.  Are there coyotes here, bobcats?  I think I'll ask the camp host or ranger which animals are in the area.

This is also a new bird for me:

Orange-covered Jail Bird - male.  Three were spotted working in and around the restrooms.

Percha Dam looking up river.

Rio Grande looking downriver from the dam.

While in front of the dam looking through it, I wondered how I'd know if they released water. Then I saw this sign.

And this is the campground bird catcher:

 Pretty cat - I hope he's well fed at home.

Brown-headed Cowbird

Brown-headed Cowbird

From me and Katie, have a good Thursday evening, everyone!  :)


  1. Looks like you're really enjoying the EB, TorC area. You also might check out the town of Chloride before you leave the area.

  2. What a beautiful color bird. I don't think anything can imitate the colors of nature.

    I always carried a taser gun with me. I felt it was a way to stop an animal, if necessary, without killing it. When walking with dogs, especially, they are bait for the larger animals. Katie, I'd keep on a short leash because of the birds of prey. I came across a heartbroken couple who had their tiny pup snatched leash and all.I felt so badly for them.

  3. That tanager is so beautiful. What amazing color. Looks a little dry in that ole river.

  4. I would say those tracks are from a Pheasant (the bird ones)

    Below is a picture of them in snow

  5. I wish I had Jojo's book of scat and tracks. Could have helped you

  6. I love that gorgeous red bird! Wish I still had my book of tracks, but I parted with it quite a few years ago.

  7. The 3-pronged footprint is a quail - the photo just before the photo showing the prisoners working. Love your blog - my journey starts in 3 months :-)

    Terry D.

  8. That's an incredibly beautiful bird. Have never seen one myself so glad I got to see one through your camera lens. Thanks for sharing!

  9. That cat looks like our old cat Quincy, who died in November. Or maybe he just moved on to Percha Dam....

  10. The Tanager is beautiful!

    Hugs to Katie!

  11. I looked up tracks on the internet and believe that one of the photos shows jackrabbit tracks.

  12. Those birds are so bright and colorful. I'll bet they stand out in the trees.
    I am not good at tracks at all. All I really know for sure are raccoon.
    We have really been watching Cooper and Effie because of the Eagles here in the park. Scares me to death.


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